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Feb 24, 2008
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It's that time of year again! The annual awards extravaganza known as The SuperheroHype! Awards is back! Over the years, the awards have become a nice way to close each year out and remember all the things that have happened. (From heated conversations on various topics, to blockbuster movies and fanboy wars, to members being devoured by the "board monster", and everything in between.)​

Some of you might be familiar with how this works, and some of you may not...so here are the rules and guidelines.

* Each category will have an 'official' nomination thread for you to post your nomination in.
* You do not have to nominate someone for every category if you do not want to.
* For the categories that you do participate in, please only nominate one person for each category. (Or two people for 'pair' and 'rivalry'.) (One thread for 'Thread of the Year'.)
* Please do not nominate yourself. (As great and wonderful as I'm sure you all are, if other people feel the same way...they will nominate you!)
* Only the 'Top 3' nominations in each thread will make the cut.

The nominations part of the awards will come to a close on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 15TH.

Once the nominations have been tallied into a 'Top 3' for each category, the voting will begin!​

With that said, let's start the discussion and nominations!!!!​
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What ever happened to "Funniest Poster"? And is there a "Poster of the Year"? I'm too lazy to check.

EDIT: Also what happened to "Most Improved Poster"?
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I've been waiting for this all November :woot: I'm thinking of nominations right now...
What ever happened to "Funniest Poster"? And is there a "Poster of the Year"? I'm too lazy to check.

EDIT: Also what happened to "Most Improved Poster"?

When I "streamlined" the awards a couple of years ago, those were cut. Poster of the Year is basically "It Boy" and "It Girl".
Most Improved was the best one! Remember how happy JAL/TAC got when we bestowed it upon him?
How long have these awards been going on for?
Aw this community makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.
FYI, the subforum name still says "2011 SuperHeroHype Awards!"
Marx's avatar reminds me of Minecraft... and I do not like that. Cease and desist with tricks... I'm just another black man caught up in the mix... tryin' to make a dollar out of 15 cents.
Is the Couple Of the Year still here?
Yeah, it is "Best Pair".
What I want to know is why is it still 2011?
only one nominee per category? psh that's no fun
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I agree, it's so difficult to decide!
marx is living in the past

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