Discussion: The 2012 SuperheroHype! Awards

A vote that's not for communists is a vote for commies... and the Dutch. :o
I might send you the ballots if you didn't get it yet, and you forward it to Marx

That would be a very human thing to do. I'll try to repay you in the future by saving your life... or something equally awesome.
I hope Spider-Aziz loses in every category he's nominated in and by a huge margin. I don't buy your nice guy attitude for one second. I'm going to make it my mission to bury you in 2013. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!
And I joined the ranks of your disciples
**** you :p

I'm not all that nice :o
There's only room for one Vader avatar here.
I'm in no mood to change mine, it will stay
You change yours and we'll call it even
The day Darthphere changes his avvy, is the day when the world ends.

...My god, he might change it!
I love your avatar now!
I must say, I'm not even close to expecting to win, but I'm very humbled to be nominated this year :)
My original(ish) one from when I joined up is a squirrel unzipping his chest to show the Superman symbol.

Is this it?

I need to once again go back to my "classic" avy of the black and white combination of the Spider-Man and Batman logos.
my "classic" avatar wasn't a gif at all
My original Avatar was Bilbo Baggins from the paperback cover of the Hobbit... the first copy I ever read. I've gone back to it a time or two and likely will again. To this day that's how I picture Bilbo... like Otho from Beetlejuice.

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