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Apr 29, 2004
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Hey yall... The annual extravaganza known as The SuperheroHype! Awards is back!
Taking over for Marx this year, I will be your host :)

Over the years, the Hype awards have become a nice, fun way to close out the year and reminisce on all the crazy stuff that's happened. From heated arguments, random conversations, the fanboy wars, blockbuster movies, crazy bannings, important events, we've got it all!

For those of you who are familiar with how this works, this is just a refresher for you. For those who don't, PAY ATTENTION :argh:

Here's the rules and guidelines:

* Each category will have an Official Nomination Thread where you can post your nomination(s)
* It is not required for you to nominate someone from every category
* Please don't be that poster and nominate yourself. It's poor form.
* Once nominations are closed, the Top 3 vote-getters in each category will make the ballot. There will also be a write-in option.
* The Awards Forum will be regulated just like all hype forums and subjected to the same rules. Have fun, but behave!

The nominations part of the awards will come to a close on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 21TH.

Once the nominations have been tallied into a 'Top 3' for each category, the voting will begin!

With that said, let's start the discussion and nominations!!!!
Here is the list of categories:

Banned Poster
Best Artist
Best Pair
Best Rivalry
Best Writer
Comics Poster of the Year
Community Poster of the Year
Games Poster of the Year
Hype-Time Achievement
It Boy
It Girl
Misc Movies Poster of the Year
Moderator of the Year
Most Helpful
Most Improved
Politics Poster of the Year
Smartest Poster
Sports Poster of the Year
Superhero Poster of the Year
Thread of the Year
TV Poster of the Year
No 'villain'?
That fiasco from 2012 sure hit the awards hard.

'Most Improved' is new.

Nothing for 'Best New Member'?

EDIT: Nevermind, saw it.
Most Improved isn't exactly new per se, but it was omitted last year.

I considered Villain, but that usually causes more headaches than anything. plus i don't think we want to encourage people acting like jerks all year long in hopes of winning it :o
if there was a category that needed to be added, with enough support behind it, i would definitely consider it.
how would you describe it?
like what would make someone worthy of a nomination?
What about the 'what happened to that Hypster?' award. It would be for formerly prolific/ loved poster who disappeared this year (not banned) and people want them to return.
What about the 'what happened to that Hypster?' award. It would be for formerly prolific/ loved poster who disappeared this year (not banned) and people want them to return.
I like this idea.
I also like that idea. There are lots of candidates.
No Dick/Villain of the Year?

And can't you make a sticky for the 2014 Awards?
How many nominations can you post per category? Just one, or up to three?
Damn. I need to go get a James Bond suit tailored for this. :o
I will be coming as a Colombian drug lord. All in white baby. :o
i'm going to use this space to make an advertisement as it were, for the Nov-Dec Fan Art Contest!

The theme is TMNT. There are hype related prizes, as well as real actual prizes. all members are welcome to enter, it's all in good fun.
Check it out here: http://forums.superherohype.com/showthread.php?t=488839
we've had some great entries so far, and hopefully a lot more

/end ad
Hey, can you bring back the "Funniest Poster" award? There are plenty of people here who deserve to be nominated for that.

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