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Apr 29, 2004
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Hey yall... The annual extravaganza known as The SuperheroHype! Awards is back!
I will be your host, for the second year in a row :eek:

Over the years, the Hype awards have become a nice, fun way to close out the year and reminisce on all the crazy stuff that's happened. From heated arguments, random conversations, the fanboy wars, blockbuster movies, crazy bannings, important events, we've got it all!

For those of you who are familiar with how this works, this is just a refresher for you. For those who don't, PAY ATTENTION :argh:

Here's the rules and guidelines:

* Each category will have an Official Nomination Thread where you can post your nomination(s)
* It is not required for you to nominate someone from every category
* Please don't be that poster and nominate yourself. It's poor form.
* Once nominations are closed, the Top 3 vote-getters in each category will make the ballot. There will also be a write-in option.
* The Awards Forum will be regulated just like all hype forums and subjected to the same rules. Have fun, but behave!

The nominations part of the awards will come to a close on SUNDAY, DECEMBER 27TH.

Once the nominations have been tallied into a 'Top 3' for each category, the voting will begin!

With that said, let's start the discussion and nominations!!!!
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Can we get a Troll of the Year award going? I mean the amount of trolls that turn up or comeback on the Hype is astonishing.
we had that, formerly called Dick of the Year

long story short. people caught feelings. people tried extra hard to "earn" this award and got booted, etc so it was removed
Wonder how many nominations I'd get this year if the award was still around.
this place is a ghost town :(
Kane is doing his best Ray Liotta impression.

i though i had already done it, but i guess not
When are we going to have a DJ of the year award so I can win one of these damn things?
Let's have a live battle then. I'm not scared of any soundboy out there. Been in the game over a decade. Let's bust out the Technics and vinyl and see who keeps up.
Deej you were replaced man, when you went on your sabbatical from the Hype. It's all about DJ Kornflake now.
All I know is I put out mixes on the regular. Let's have the people vote on it.
knowsbleed is the hypes best DJ :/
knowsbleed is the hypes best DJ :/

Bet, let's set up a battle then. Hype 2015 DJ battle. Winner take all. No controllers, no sync, just turntables and vinyl. We'll see who can keep up then. I don't think I've met any DJ that has started in the last 6 or 7 years that has any clue how to beat match by ear. Hell, if they feel frisky we can co-ordinate a club to do it at. Playing tracks in your bedroom in vastly different than controlling and working a crowd. DJ Kidd Vicious will battle any sucka ass soundboy DJ any time, anywhere.
merry christmas yall.

nominations close sunday so make sure to check all the categories and make sure your favorites have been nominated

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