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Years ago I was at a work party for my wife's friend and her company's sister office had people from the UK and it was literally 1 pound to $2 American dollar and they went on shopping sprees. Now it seems to be 0.8 pound to $1 American.
People should be saving up money and paying down their debt , not going on spending sprees. Everything ive read about American debt is bad. We are spending money we dont have.

US consumer inflation resumes downward trend as domestic demand cools​


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This new spin -- that people are too dumb to recognize how well the economy is doing -- is not going to work out.

Yes, the economy is doing well if you run a hedge fund, but this spin is patronizing to the majority of the population experiencing a weak economy.
What spin? Too many people think we're in a recession when we aren't. That's a failure of our current news reporting.

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