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I'm not convinced he'd win reelection anyhow. He's tainted goods.
Santos has been expelled in the House of Representatives.

Great! Now expel the two harridans from GA and CO, as well as the howler monkey from OH.

Great post....first, pointing out the obvious hypocrisy and, second, Ted Cruz lecturing about the important issues of the day. My best guess is he'll next be telling us about Cassius Clay.
I would love to see Ted Cruz voted out next year, but it IS Texas.
He almost lost to Beto in 2018, whom I hope soundly supports Allred next year. TX is slowly but surely shifting blue statewide, despite the gerrymandering and voter suppression.
I hope you're right. :)

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IIRC there was a R Senate candidate cycles ago that suggested paying for healthcare with chickens.

Likelihood of success 0.00%. 🐔

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I had a better dad than Hunter. Mine loaned me 9K so I could buy a 1993 Honda del Sol in 1996. I only had to pay him back 150 a month and paid it off in LESS than the original 5 years. My dad didn't even charge me interest. Dad helping son......legally.

Kraweic knows that her votes to ban abortion might lose her seat so she’s retiring instead. Even with gerrymandering in her favor.

He was on the edge of being humiliated in the senate. If he hadn't backed down, they were going to go around him and make him look like the idiot that he is.

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