Discussion: The REPUBLICAN Party - - - - - Part 20

No. They are going to hit up that Plan 2025 hard. The big issue I am seeing, is that MI has a sizeable middle eastern population. So Gaza is going to be an issue. And I haven't kept up with the state party to see if they have rectified the nutjobs's racism in excluding conservative muslims from the party, essentially.

However, I am encouraged that one of the local GOP crazy group got recalled from county government. A hopeful sign in switching my district's rep.
So much going on......I'm not a huge Biden fan, although he has both pleasantly surprised and, not so pleasantly, disappointed me, but I can't think of a time when I've been more concerned about someone being elected.....and that even includes (gulp) Reagan (barfs in his glass).
In 2022, flat-earth conspiracy theorist Kandiss Taylor unsuccessfully ran for governor of Georgia and despite her paltry showing in the Republican primary, she steadfastly refused to accept that she had lost. In 2023, Taylor became a Georgia GOP district chair and started voicing increasingly radical views, even going so far as to call for the public execution of those who oppose her Christian nationalist worldview.

During the most recent episode of her “Jesus, Guns, and Babies” program, which airs on the network owned by virulently antisemitic conspiracy theorist Stew Peters, Taylor declared that women cannot become president of the United States because the president has to be “kind of a butthole.”

“When you’re the president of the free world, when you’re the most powerful man in the world, you need to be kind of a butthole, and you need to tell people, ‘Back up,'” Taylor said. “People are like, ‘Oh, I want a female VP.’ I don’t. I don’t want a female VP. I want both president and vice president to be men, alpha strong men that love Jesus, that only bow their knee to him, Jesus Christ.”
Well......that's not weird.......or creepy.......or surprising.
The Republican obsession with abortion is really difficult to make sense: Restricting abortion is apparently a big part of project 2025.

I try to imagine rationalizations in my mind but then another voice in my head says "they're not sharp."

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