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Yeah, that shows you just how bad things are.
Tory's have been in panic mode for a while. Cameron and now Boris back. If Truss comes back we know they truly got insane.
This happened in Canada in 1993.

The stories were wiped out. They went from being a majority party to having 2 of 301 seats in Canada's House of Commons. The Reform party (yes it was called the Reform Party) took over their base and won, I think, 52 seats.

Britain's conservatives, likewise deserve to be annihilated.

But Canada at least got Jean Chretien as Prime Minister, who in hindsight was pretty good. His government balanced the budget, enacted gun control, legalized gay marriage and kept Canada out of the Iraq war.

Britain? They're getting Keir Starmer.


"When you leave a boat, you can't get back on the same boat," says the man who — with Michel Barnier — led the EU's side of Brexit talks. Never? "In a century or two, yes," he said, eyes sparkling mischievously behind his glasses. He notes that no British political party fighting today's election wants to rejoin the EU (with Labour Party Leader Keir Starmer — who is widely expected to be the U.K.'s next PM — saying the country would not rejoin the EU's single market in his lifetime). Britain is "currently discovering the consequences of its vote, and the consequences correspond exactly to what we told them they'd be," Juncker says.

CNBC - No God, no big ads and no age debate: The UK election race is very different to America's

1) [Much Shorter] Campaigns
2) [More Limited] Election spending and ads
3) ‘We don’t do God’ [Less Religious]
4) Age is just a number [Younger Leaders]
5) [Less] ‘Culture wars’
6) ‘Absurd’ [Fringe] diversions
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And the Labour Party won a very decisive race on our Independence Day, very ironic. Congratulations to you anti Tory voters.

Hopefully Starmer will improve the UK like Joe Biden has been here in the States.

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