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Daredevil DISCUSSION: What do you hope to see in Daredevil season 3?


Sep 12, 2017
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I'll get this all started with what I hope to see:

Matt and Karen get back together

I have a strong opinion that Matt and Karen's romantic relationship will be the main pairing for season 3. It makes sense, considering that Matt and Karen are the characters who have carried the A- and B- protagonist storylines (in season 1, Matt's work as Daredevil and Karen's work with Ben were what brought down Fisk; in season 2, Karen took up the burden of keeping the Punisher storyline going once Elektra was introduced and drew Matt away from there).

And Matt/Karen is something that was heavily teased in season 1 with lots of flirting and whatnot. In season 2, they began the baby steps of a relationship. There, the relationship was about showing contrast between Karen and Elektra, as well as their individual relationships with Matt and the side of Matt's life that each woman is associated with.

With Fisk returning to season 3, I am fairly certain that we will finally see Vanessa Marianna return from exile. Why do I believe this? Well, as Fisk said over the radio in "Condemned," he and Matt have a lot in common. That extends to their support networks. Foggy was a foil for Wesley, as both were the close and loyal friend of their leader and also the one more adjusted to speaking with other people. Thus, Karen is a foil for Vanessa: both are fairly attractive women with mysterious pasts, both are drawn and become romantically attached to violent men, violent men who they generally believe are doing the right no matter what other people say, both of them carry a gun, and both are the one person that their boyfriend allows himself to be vulnerable around (Fisk opened up to Vanessa about killing his father; Matt opened up some very intimate personal feelings to Karen right from the start and had the whole "You're not alone, Matt" conversation). And their first dates with said boyfriend go awkward due to complications in said boyfriend's other life (Vanessa and Fisk's first date gets rudely interrupted by Anatoly; Matt and Karen's first date gets interrupted by Elektra calling him while Karen's in the bathroom). Basically, I think Matt/Karen makes more sense than Matt/Elektra for season 3 simply because Karen has more parallels with Vanessa than Elektra does.

With the Hand storyline concluded, I think that Matt can go on to pursue an honest relationship with Karen that isn't riddled by secrets, half-truths and lies. Given what Charlie Cox has said at convention panels about how lessons learned in The Defenders will carry over into later seasons of the standalone shows, this means that we'll hopefully see Matt start to treat Karen more or less the way Luke Cage currently handles Claire Temple: someone he wants to share his life with, rather than someone who needs protecting from harm. Because Matt hopefully has learned that he doesn't have to be ashamed to admit he's in over his head. And he will NEED Karen (and Foggy too, for that matter), because taking down Fisk is something that requires teamwork. By being more open and honest with her, Karen will finally be in a position to reciprocate and come clean about her own past, about her brother, and about killing Wesley.

Returning cast:

Besides Matt, Karen, Foggy, Fisk, and Vanessa, there's other cast members who I am hoping to see make returns. Within Fisk's empire, I'd expect that Stewart Finney will take over Leland Owlsley's duties as Fisk's accountant. Remember that Finney approached Fisk and asked to be friends with him, appealing to him by saying that they're superior to the other criminals they're locked up with. Meanwhile, I think that Ben Donovan will take over Wesley's duties as Fisk's right-hand and advisor. And hopefully, Turk Barrett will return to once again be the subject of humiliations from Matt.

Furthermore, with Fisk wanting revenge on Nelson & Murdock, it stands to reason that Matt's, Karen's and Foggy's individual support networks will be made more important than ever. Fisk has every reason to hate Marci Stahl, as she played an integral role in helping Nelson & Murdock take him down, having smuggled confidential documents out of Landman & Zack that had allowed Matt to locate Hoffman. (I'd be all for Marci getting a bigger role in season 3) While Brett Mahoney was the cop who put the handcuffs on Fisk after Matt stopped his escape attempt, meaning Fisk could easily seek something out to discredit him. And Matt's promise to protect Melvin's girlfriend from Fisk will have to be put to the test.

But what do you/i] want/hope to see?

I hope to see a reasonably comics accurate Bullseye. Basically, a Bullseye not afraid to wear a costume. Look to The Dark Knight over the Daredevil movie to show that Bullseye is possible and the audience will accept him.

I also hope to see moments of levity, hope, and camaraderie between Matt, Karen, and Foggy.
The show not get canceled because Marvel and Netflix are having a spat like the one Marvel had with Fox.
A satisfying conclusion, unlike every Marvel Netflix season so far except Jessica Jones season 1.

Seriously, the first halves of Daredevil S1, Daredevil S2, and Luke Cage S1 are leagues better than their respective second halves. Iron Fist is pretty bad all the way through and Defenders is pretty weak too.
If Bullseye shows up in this show, you know he's never wearing a costume.
I acknowledge the track record, but I don't think Bullseye's costume is any more out there than Daredevil's costume. All I really want are a balaclava with a white bullseye on it (not that different than a helmet with horns) and white gloves. The rest is superfluous. Black over blue or midnight blue would be fine. At a minimum, I don't think this is crazy to hope for.
As long as there's some kind of headgear with that logo on it I'm happy.

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