Disney/Marvel & ABC working on Avengers spin-off tv show?

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Sep 17, 2002
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I'm sure you all have seen this already (it's everywhere second only to Kaijunexus' Avengers/GOTG crossover pic) but here's the place to discuss it:

Marvel and ABC Teaming on Avengers-Themed Series?
by SuperHeroHype
July 27, 2012

Deadline is reporting that Marvel's TV division is in talks with ABC and ABC Studios about developing a drama series set in the world of The Avengers.

The site says: "I hear that the connection to the Avengers franchise would be light as the project is expected to be set in the universe and feature some of its themes and feel but may not include any characters from Joss Whedon’s blockbuster. I hear the project is in a nascent stage, described as “a kernel of an idea,” with a number of scenarios explored, including a high-concept cop show."

Guillermo del Toro recently said that he was still working with ABC on a new "Hulk" series as well and that they were "waiting on a particular writer to do a rewrite on the pilot."

So a "high-concept cop show" set in the MCU? I love it! What an excellent opportunity to bring in street level heroes to deal with thugs, crime, and smaller issues. Let the Avengers deal with the planetary and beyond problems and let guys like Punisher, Moon Knight, Heroes for Hire, Cloak and Dagger, etc. deal with the smaller "street level" stuff. All with the central focus being law enforcement. I love it. Bring it on!
Its probably not going to happen or at least will take 2 to 3 years to finally air. But at least its on ABC - my favorite network!
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If Marvel and ABC are smart, they'd try and get Mark Ruffalo and Joss Whedon to climb on board with the Hulk TV show. That way they don't have to worry about a new Hulk movie in time for the Avengers 2 and it would have the buzz of a high end movie with it.
Marvel should develop Code: Blue; get Ving Rhames as Lt. Marcus Stone.
heroesforhire heroesforhire heroesforhire :awesome:

As much as I love the idea of the MCU getting at least one TV show, and as much as I love the idea of Heroes for Hire being that show, I've gotta say that I'm not the least bit interested in seeing that show on ABC-TV. Or Disney.

If they said "Heroes for Hire" or "Marvel Knights" coming to HBO, or FX, or TNT, I could definitely get behind this. But "No Ordinary Family" ABC....? No thanks, I'll pass.
Yeah, because that one show really defines the network as a whole, doesn't it? :whatever:

Give me some Runaways, ABC. :o
I'm glad it's ABC, times are tough and ABC is free. Kinda surprised about the Hulk. He's a major money maker, why waste him on TV? Lotta CGI needed for him too.
Yeah, because that one show really defines the network as a whole, doesn't it? :whatever:

Give me some Runaways, ABC. :o
I think Runaways would work well as a TV show. What happened to the Runaways movie? Weren't they casting it a year or two back?
They still have a script but I think they're only going for one 'risky' movie at a time since there's such a demand for more Iron Man, Cap etc and at the moment they're going for Guardians of the Galaxy.

They don't want to oversaturate the market after all.
I interpreted this as them once again being interested in AKA Jessica Jones
I'm hoping for Heroes for Hire, SHIELD, or that they're reconsidering AKA Jessica Jones.
Yeah, because that one show really defines the network as a whole, doesn't it? :whatever:

Where on earth did I imply that.....? :dry:

ABC has some quality shows. It's just that when it comes to the superhero genre, quality ain't there. They already dumped the AKA Jessica Jones concept; the Hulk TV show is still vaporware; and "No Ordinary Family" was a cheesy way to turn Fantastic Four/The Incredibles into a sitcom. Doesn't bode well for any future superhero shows on ABC.
Except the network buys the shows, doesn't create them. No Ordinary Family was just a show created by a couple of hacks that ABC swooped up to get in the superhero game. It genuinely could not be less relevant to this show

It was always going to be on ABC. The Hulk show seemed like a weird fit due to how limited a TV budget usually is. And I don't think anyone was interested in a Jessica Jones show, lol

I'm sure they'll get a solid creative team behind this. This is exactly the type of concept that could thrive on network TV
If they want a high concept cop show it will probably involve SHIELD, which would be cool, or alternatively a street level Heroes of Hire to tie them and/or other more minor characters into the MCU without doing big budget movies.

They might use some MOS to test out the various ideas before committing to a project.
The best thing about a show like this is there are literally hundreds of characters who would make for at least an interesting episode.

How awesome would it be to see, for instance, Ghost as a major recurring character in a live-action show?
TV is just not the place to go these days. Going from major blockbuster tentpoles to a weekly watered down TV show on network television- downgrading would be an understatement. It would be comical seeing Hulk in a TV show today, unless only Bruce Banner is featured.

You basically have to go to Z-list characters in the Marvel staple to do them any sort of justice on television. Note how one never sees Superman on Smallville. That's basically how you would have to approach Hulk. So a series focusing on a younger Banner pre-transformation might work. But who wants to see Banner without the Hulk? Or who wants to see Hulk with some crappy animatronic/CGI hybrid that makes dinosaurs in Terranova look like creatures in Avatar?

So forget the Hulk. Even Heroes for Hire, that could easily be a featured film in the vein of the Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour series. As cliche as the concept may be, would you rather get that or a more stylized and flamboyant NYPD blue that wouldn't even cater to most adults.

So stay the hell away from TV. Maybe after 20 years when we have a fully established MCU and multiple actors and renditions of Marvel characters have long surfaced, and audiences are completely familiar with Marvel that they want to go even deeper into the world. Then you can expand the universe. Note how Star Wars is moving to live action TV in the future, but it won't feature Skywalker or Vader. Don't feature any A-list characters on a weekly live action TV series. You can never do them justice.
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If they figured a way to make a weekly tv show with the Hulk then let them make a weekly tv show with the hulk
If the film will have some ties to MCU i think this show, might just revolve around normal people or cops who live in this Marvel Cinematic World...

I think this idea originated from what they done with Item 47... I think the TV series will be more like that.. I think SHIELD might feature, superheroes will be mentioned, but i don't think any Marvel Heroes will be the main or supporting characters.. Maybe smaller characters will guess star..

This way Marvel can still have fun with these characters within this world, without worrying about CG effects and big action scenes...
maybe it will just be about shield and from time to time they have to capture a supervillain with help from a hero or something.
Marvel Studios isn't going to start making 5 movies a year or something like people want them to. For one, they don't have the budget; the studio heads produce all the movies themselves, they don't bring in other producers/production companies to do it for them; and they simply understand that flooding the market is a terrible thing for the genre, not a great one.

The big ticket stuff is and will remain the big name characters. They aren't going to put off an Iron Man movie or an Avengers movie or a Thor movie for a smaller name character. They're still a business, they need to meet certain quotas to keep their jobs. So when you see that they're already struggling to fit B-list stuff like Ant-Man and Dr Strange and Black Panther into their schedules, where does that leave the lower tier characters?

Most people here would like to see a Luke Cage movie or a Moon Knight movie or a Power Pack movie. People aren't against these movies on principle. But you also have to understand that realistically, logistically, they are a long long ways off, if they happen it all. So for these characters to see the light of day, it might have to be through another medium.

Sure, there are lots of ****** TV shows. The majority of shows based around superheroes have been absolute trash. The same can be said about superhero films, though. Before Marvel Studios the huge name characters, the Batmen and X-Men and Spider-Men and Supermen of the world, had seen filmmakers devote a lot of time and care and creativity to their movies. But the other characters, the characters with less exposure, got films that amounted to nothing. Some amounted to less than nothing.

So if this same group of people, or at least some of these same people, wants to try doing the same for a television show based around these characters, knows that that's the only way some of these characters are going to see any media exposure at all, and believes it can be done well, why should we feel angst about it? Television as a medium for storytelling has a ton of potential. The episodic formula umbrellaed by long-term arcs, allows for characters to be explored and cared for and realized in some pretty exciting ways.

True, you need the right people in front of the camera, behind the camera, and holding the pen (typing :oldrazz:) but the same holds true for film. Yeah, 3 out of 4 network shows are trash. The same holds true for film. "Just make a movie with those characters instead." If only it were so simple.

I'm just gonna go ahead and stay excited, and hope they nail it the way they did with film.

End rant. :)
It would depend on the types of movies. Like I've stated in another thread, a Heroes for Hire movie would not cost as much to make as say Avengers or Hulk or Thor, closest would be near Cap's movie, but even so, I don't think it would cost them that much.
Same would go for a Daredevil movie(if the rights revert back to them anytime soon).
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