Disney/Pixar's The Incredibles 2

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Man wouldn't this be a dream come true. The only Pixar sequel I've truly been waiting for.
Damnit, I thought they had officially announced it. It all depends on how Bird's next movie does. Maybe he won't want to go back to animation.
Dammit, no official announcement? C'mon, Terry... the title's going to get a lot of peoples' hopes up. :(
If Bird and Pixar get this together, it could set a record for highest opening weekend for a Pixar film. People really love the characters and the universe is ripe for sequels.

Give me Incredibles 2 over Finding Dory or Cars 2.
Definitely. F**k Finding Dory....

Even though I'll most likely be watching it when it hits.
Interestingly, when The Incredibles came out Marvel wasn't part of Disney, and now it is. I wonder if it will have any effect on the sequel. Btw, it is cool to see that Samuel L. Jackson aka Nick Fury was the one who voiced Frozone.
There are few films I want to see more then The Incredible 2.
The Incredibles 2 is a necessity. Come on Brad Bird! We know you can do it!
I haven't seen anything yet.
Am I the only who doesn't care if this is made? Don't get me wrong though, I liked The Incredibles.
Am I the only who doesn't care if this is made? Don't get me wrong though, I liked The Incredibles.
I know where you are coming from. The Incredibles is one of the best superhero movies ever. A nice, tight arc of middle aged heroes coming out of retirement. I'd be perfectly content to just have that one because they got it so right. However, Toy Story kept the quality and fun with each movie. If they have good ideas, that's the best launchpad.
This is the only Pixar movie I've ever wanted a sequel to. Still don't think it's happening anytime soon, though.
Damn you for bumping this Kane numbers. Filling my heart with dreams only to tear them asunder :(
I'm fine if they don't make a sequel to this. Not everything needs a sequel.
I would be fine with this if they didnt spend all their latest movies making sequels. Damn Pixar, do original work again!
The Incredibles is a masterwork - the greatest superhero film ever made where the quips fly as quickly and densely as the rockets and superheroes themselves.

The first movie had a marvel of a script.

I hope this is sequel is worthy of following that film.
YES! This made my day! :woot:

I absolutely love the first Incredibles film. In my opinion, it is tied with TDK for best superhero film, maybe even better. It is Pixar's finest masterpiece :up:.
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