Do you ever think Dad (God) will appear?

Discussion in 'Lucifer' started by ZIPBAGS, Dec 13, 2017.


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    Sep 7, 2004
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    Anyone think they may eventually show or hear from God? I mean "Supernatural" finally showed him.
  2. Flash525

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    Feb 14, 2018
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    I never actually thought Supernatural was going to show us God, but as you've stated, they did. I am of the same mindset regarding Lucifer as I had with Supernatural though; I wont expect it until he's there on our televisions screens. :p

    Supernatural waited a good few years before jumping in the deep end with God, and I'd think Lucifer should do the same, although it all depends on how long this show lasts; if they don't take it away from murder of the week soon, it's going to stagnate and lose viewers, and it'll be hard to get them back.

    The odd murder mystery is okay, but when it's week after week, after week, it becomes tiring. It's currently only Lucifer's story that I'm interested in really, the other characters are just there to support him (I know that's their whole point anyway, but often times background characters are more important, and it doesn't seem that way at the moment, not really).

    I guess that's the longer answer... The shorter one, quite simply, is maybe. I'm staying on the fence for this one!
  3. jane21august

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    Jan 23, 2018
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    They would keep it a mystery just like they did in Supernatural because that would create suspense as well as excitement in the show. I am fine if they don't show god on this show for a while.

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