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The Amazing Spider-Man "Do you have any idea what you really are?"

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May 11, 2012
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I feel like this film may have had some deleted scenes, or some scenes were moved into the next film, because somewhere in some of the trailers I here (I think) Dr. Ratha telling Peter a little more about what he is, now I dunno if it is referring to Peter being a mutant, but maybe something more about his powers.

Because, like Spiderman 3, I did not see very much hint of spidey sense. AND, Peter did not catch the guy who killed Uncle Ben, so there are still some unsolved mysteries
I think the movie is really good and it had just the right balance of the parents stuff. It was a "sequel-type" thing anyway, and it probably will be explored in the next one
After watching the movie yesterday for the 3rd time, I realize that it was fine the way it was.
There's a lot of spider-sense in the movie :/
There wasn't the 'if you want the truth Peter, come and get it' part in the final movie either was there?

Same thing annoyed me a little about Prometheus too. There were a few shots in Prometheus trailers that stuck out in my mind but never showed up in the final film.
im guessing this thread is useless now that there is athread with a few pages demanding sony make an extended cut
Discuss this in deleted scenes/extended cut threads.
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