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Do you like Frank Miller's drawing style?

Jul 7, 2005
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His storytelling abilities are the best out there. He's a ****ing god. But my brother rose this question saying he liked his stories better than his drawings. I personally think the same, but think the drawings are awesome. It's a very unique styule of drawing, and gives the grunge to Sin City.

Do you like his (Frank Miller's) drawing style? I'd think it'd be a sort of stupid question as he has a lyoal legion of fans, but still...:p
Yes. I like it very much indeed.

His style changes a little in every book though. For example, DK1 looks different from DK2. Even the Sin City books each have a little different style from book to book. I, personally, think that he keeps getting better, with a few exceptions of course.
FM's art is great when he tries :batman::up:
I love every page of SIN CITY.
In Sin City it looks great, But I hate his Batman drawings.
Yeah its alright nothing specail.
Yeah, hell, I even like the varients he's doing for All-Star.
MaskedManJRK said:
Yeah, hell, I even like the varients he's doing for All-Star.

Yeah, I don't understand all the hate given to those covers. I think they're great too.
In Sin City, everything he does is unimpeachable.

In Batman, he can go suck a big choad. DKR was only good for the writing, and even that was on the verge of being bad. I guess Year One is pretty damn good.
The Sin City art is some of the best comic art other, as an artist I idolize Frank Miller for that. He's managed to take very simplistic pictures and make them look incredible, how could somebody complain?
It's ok. I hate frank miller's dark knight returns.
Well yeah, Batman looked like Wilford Brimley in Dark Knight Returns.
Its ok when he writes a story that fits with it like sin city or ronin.
Exactly, his other drawings are not that good.
i prefer his writin, but find his art is also way cool
I enjoyed his art in these books overall. I think it excels in these books more than any other title of his.
i like frank better when writing. but some of his art are masterpieces as well.
His writing style is defintely superb. He has noir down to an art form.
As an artist, Frank's drawing style is very-very good! He draws the human body quite well. ;D
Sin City has brilliant artwork. His use of negative space is commendable. He really tapped into potential with those books. Every panel is artistic and beautiful. DKR on the other hand had the brilliant writing, but the art was subpar. It worked well for the book, and personally I like it quite a bit. Miller is recognized for his writing first and foremost, though. DKR's climax between Batman and Superman was chilling.

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