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Comics Do you like Magneto better as a good guy or a bad guy?


Dec 1, 2010
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Magneto started as an X-men villain. In the 80s, he joined the X-men and took over the teaching of the New Mutants before reverting back to his old ways in the early 90s. A few years ago, he rejoined the X-men. My question is simple, do you prefer the master of magnetism as a hero or a villain?
I actually prefer him somewhere in-between so couldn't vote... As a hero he's usually downgraded powerwise and he's definitely not at his best as a hero in any way since he's pretty bpring but I also don't think that he works that well as a full on villain or megalomaniac bad guy. He's most interesting when he's not a hero but not a full on villain either, he's a freedom fighter who wants what's best for his kind in his mind. And he has gone from villain to hero to bad guy and then to good guy again so often that it's not even that interesting anymore...
It seems that his edge wears away as a hero, so a villian is where is more effective.
I prefer Magneto somewhere in-between as well. In back in stuff like God Loves Man Kills Mags would team up the X-Men if they had a common enemy.

Its the ambiguity of Magneto that makes him intresting. I prefer Magneto as an almost anti-hero who is willing to do anything to achieve his goals. I don't like when he is just written as just a crazy mutant suprematist.

He does often get a power downgraded when his a good guy. Magneto as a villain has often single handedly taken on entire teams of X-Men and fought them to a standstill yet as a hero he is noticeably weaker.
I prefer him as a villain. I don't really like that he's a X-Men member again in the comics.
A villain with certain "rules".

While I thought Ian McKellan was great as Magneto, his characterization bothered me a few times. For example, where he tries to kill all of humanity in X2. That seems to be going too far. And sort of clashes with the rest of his characterization even in the films. That's Ultimate territory.

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