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Do you read Archie comics? We all should!

The Bruce

The First and Best
Sep 22, 2004
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Life with Archie is Amazing! One of the first true comics for grown-ups.

Norm Breyfogle is/has worked on the book.

I want to read this but all I know about Archie verse is Archie, Jughead and the Archie/Betty/Veronica love triangle.

I can find guide to reading Spider-man, Batman & Superman - but there is no help when trying to get into Archie comics! What should I read?
The first comics I ever read, that got me into comics period, was Archie. I remember back in 3rd grade, my teacher gave me a Lil Archie Digest, and I fell in love with it. Jughead was my hero, and I use to get those paper crowns from burger king, and wear them and pretend to be him. The following year, The New Archies cartoon premeired on NBC, and became one of my favorite cartoons in the 80's. Been collecting Archie comics ever since.

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