Do you still like "Hero"?

i used to love that song almost as much as i love 'Children of Bodom-Children of Decadence" now.

Now I'm just sick of it.
i still love Hero, it brings back that great feeling of finally seeing Spider-Man on the big screen time and time again.

I hope Chad Kroeger/NickelBack do a song on the SM3 soundtrack.
Meh. Sometimes it's on my playlist, sometimes not. Depends on my mood.

Learn to Crawl, on the other hand, is one of my faves.
Yes. Nickelback is as Dub-T as hell (I know it wasn't the full band), but the song is still cool! I want to listen to it right now!
by far the best songs of all the soundtrack of superhero movie! i'm never been tired of this songs, but the most great songs for superhero is instrumental! DANNY ELFMAN POWER!!
I still like it. It brings back Spider-Man movie memories.:)
I saw the video on youtube the other day and it's a good song. If the band never showed their faces, i'd have liked the song a little more knowing the band didn't look like 80s rock stars.
Great song. The soundtrack as a whole was pretty decent. Black Lab - Learn to Crawl, Sum 41 - What We're All About, and Danny Elfman's score were 3 tracks that stood out. The only song they really could have done without was Macy Gray......God she sucks!
I never liked it. I just feel that it failed to emulate Spider-Man, but I've felt that about nearly all of Spidey's soundtrack songs. I'm of the rare opinion that a superhero's soundtrack should express to us who this hero is, not how many albums he can sell to the MTV generation.

Plus Chad Kroeger sucks.
I just feel that Spider-Man should be given a sweeping, epic musical treatment rather than "Gee, Nickelback's almost kinda popular with kids... think we can sell albums with this song?"
Define "sweeping, epic musical treatment".
Or better yet, egg-ZAM-pull?
Something that really gives the impression of the things that Spider-Man does.

Like at least in my opinion, and I know it's going to be scoffed but I'll say it anyway, "City of Blinding Lights" off of U2's "How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb". That song just feels like Spider-Man swinging through the city at night.

Much more than SoCal Popunk or Grunge Rock does.
I don't agree; I see no problem w/the song, although it's the only one from the first soundtrack that I really got into; well, that & the "Spider-Man" theme.
Like others said, I only like it because it brings back the memories of the first film and seeing it back in May 02'. Not a song that I have on my iPod or playlists, but when it comes on, I listen to it. :up:
I have the song. It comes on from time to time.
I dont listen to it as much as I used to but its still a great song
Vindicated sucked ass. Singer sounds like a whiny bastard. In fact, 95% of Spidey 2's soundtrack sucked. Was extremely disappointed.
Vindicated sucked ass. Singer sounds like a whiny bastard.

Every time I hear that song I WANT TO SLIP AWAY from where ever it is playing. :o

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