Do you think Dr. Doom will have a big role in the Civil War?


Nov 27, 2000
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We know that Doom has recently returned from his two plus year hiatus and now he seeks the hammer of Thor. However, beyond that, will Doom play a bigger role in the Civil War or perhaps, it has been a long time since he was the mastermind of a major crossover, I think it is time the Marvel Universe remembers why they fear the name DOOM...perhaps the Civil War will be his chance to shine and conquer once and for all.

JMS did say that if Doom returned, he would have him win, and have a somewhat more permanent victory
Doom will most likely use this oppurtunity to attack heroes and regain his throne. Maybe Thor will kick his butt and protect Latveria?
I wish Doom will go back to his castle and take interest back in his country. Ever since Heroes Reborn, they've wasted his character.
i could see Doom being a third party in this civil war thing..taking his own path and maybe even some heroes following him.

when does the first ish appear then??

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