Do you think they will try to tie in the 50th anniversary?

Bruce Malone

May 23, 2009
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I think that skyfall being tied into the 50th anniversary of the bond film series played a big role in its overall success. It served a great promotion for the film. So with the star trek 50 coming up in 2016 can we assume that parmount will try to do the same with the STID sequel that same year?

I'm not sure if it coming a year after the star wars reboot would affect anything with JJ and all though?
JJ would be producing at the very least, and although it could cause some competition, I think both will do fairly well if they are well made movies.
50 years is such a big anniversary that I am certain that there will be another movie by that time. Even if it comes out in December.
The 50th anniversary is 2016, and I think that's a perfect time to release a new film. Enough space in between from Into Darkness.
There is no excuse to not get another Star Trek film out for 2016. As long as pre-production starts fairly swiftly, say by no later than the end of Summer this year.
I think the only reason why Star Trek Into Darkness is coming out 4 years after the 2009 film is because Abrams tried to pursue other projects, and put it on hold.
50th anniversary will probably have for us: A new film, a New TV series OR another HD remastered series (DS9 or Voyager), and an expansion to Star Trek Online. I'm positive it will be a HUGE year for Star Trek
They should now start hiring a screenwriter and a new director or at least at the end of the year if they want to release this in 2016. 50th anniversary is once in a lifetime.
2016 seems so far away...but they'll definitely capitalize.

I do think Star Trek should shift back to being a November/December release. Moving it to early summer hurt Into Darkness' box office, I think. It won't have to compete with Star Wars then, if it does come out in 2015.
I do think Star Trek should distance itself from Star Wars as much as possible in terms of release dates. I just hope they can get the movie out for the 50th anniversary without rushing it.
I hope they can get the next film out it time for the 50th anniversary.
Seems a certainty that they will make a BIG splash for 2016 Anniversary celebrations. They would be stupid not to.
Seems a certainty that they will make a BIG splash for 2016 Anniversary celebrations. They would be stupid not to.

Why hello. :D


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