Doctor Who - Regeneration 9

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Where are the mods who normally change the titles of these threads? We're on the 9th version.

So its leather jacket northerner time already
^so shunt off and quit your fussin and moaning

This is good. End of the ponds and new thread
The 13th thread should be the River thread bwahahaha.

dont know if this is official or not, doesnt really matter, it is epic either way.
^^^ That's pretty cool.

Lunar_Wolf said:
I'm a little confused by the ending. When we saw people being zapped back in time, they were alone in a room till death. So, are both Amy and Rory really together or alone in separate rooms? Did I miss something here?

I guess it's to do with the paradox destroying the building. In the end of the ep, when the Angel zaps Rory and Amy back in time, there is no building there for them to be 'stored' in, so they just get zapped back to a generic time period - 60s NY - and are free to do what they want because they are not being watched/guarded/fed on by Angels. Unlike earlier in the episode, where those who were zapped back in time, were zapped back specifically to that building, to be kept there and continuously fed upon.
That's pretty cool, but I doubt it's real. They would've "adopted" Melody in the 1970's, not the 60's.
Basically, it was just an angel acting like a normal angel
So I watched this finally. I hate this show for making me care this much. That final callback to the Eleventh Hour nearly killed me.

I love you Amelia Pond, always and forever the companion for me.
It's striking how much that little girl does look like an infant version of Karen Gillan.
It's striking how much that little girl does look like an infant version of Karen Gillan.

They are related. I believe they are cousins. I think the first time they met was for a script reading.
Yes DarthSkywalker is right she is Karen Gillan's real life first cousin.
I just got done watching Angels in Manhattan and I'll echo what a few people have to say, on how good but painful it was.

I stated how I started watching Doctor Who because of Amy and now I'm hooked on the series. I know it's going to suck when Matt Smith leaves.

Edit: I know that actors can change her minds, but Karen did say that she wouldn't show up again on the show. Even for the 50th anniversary.

Although if they do a something like the end with the 10th Doctor, I do hope Karen is agreeable not to necessarily have a speaking part but maybe an appearance where, her and Rory are just walking and the Doctor just appears and observes them and smiles.
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When you think this show can't get any better, it does. I was in such a good mood at Rory's non-death then....POP! Surprise! My mouth dropped at the sudden change from hope and happiness to.....sadness. But a very fitting end to the Ponds indeed.

I loved the dynamic between River and the Doctor in the episode as well.
Can I just say it was a good episode and I got really upset when Rory was sent back in time because he read the stupid stone. I just wish there was more of the Doctor and Amy this season. I feel like they skirted around it was coming to an end, but when it came it was too sudden and she was gone. Given how drawn out (in a good way) Rose's send-off was in Season 2, I was hoping Amy would be given more time. But it literally was, "Raggedy-Man...good bye" and she was gone. :(

Solid episode, but I think it was missing something from being great. Either way, goodbye to the Ponds, the best companions the Doctor has ever, and likely will ever, have. Thanks for the quality.
They were great, weren't they? That seems clearer now that their chapter has closed.
I just hope the Doctor doesn't spend the next year telling Oswin* that she'll never be as good as Amy.

*The rumors about Jenna-Louise Coleman's character have been downright confusing. She's already popped up onscreen as a character named Oswin Oswald, but there were rumors for the longest time that her character will be called Clara. I've also read a bunch of theories that this is because the Oswin who became a Dalek will be an entirely different character from the Clara who'll become a companion. I don't know what Moffat & Co. are planning to do, but I'm just gonna continue to call the character Oswin until I hear otherwise from an official source.
What, there's another character who's identical to Oswin? I was hoping the Doctor would pull some kind of epic shenanigans and rescue Oswin from becoming a Dalek. I was thinking that actually seemed pretty likely given how he lost Amy and Rory, in fact. He's made peace with their being gone because the afterword showed him they were happy, but I think it still stings that he was helpless before the rules of time travel. Breaking them to save Oswin (since he knows her future, just as he knew Rory's) would be like the Doctor reclaiming his confidence a bit.
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