Does anyone hate when this happens in movies?


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May 11, 2005
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When there is some kind of exciting action and then you find out that it was never going to conclude in the dramatic way that it could have? Like when a hero is being chased down and narrowly escapes and then you find out that they let him go and never intended to catch him and kill him? That happening in A New Hope was fine, but then again in Empire and all throughout SW stuff like that is happening according to some fans, like that the Mace VS Palpatine fight, the Emperor was totally in control the whole time and only let Mace get the upperhand to make himself appear weak. And people say when Leo and Raph fought in TMNT, Leo let him win to teach him a lesson about leadership, and that when wasSandman beating the crap out of Spiderman before Harry shows up that he was never really going to kill him, then whats so exciting about all these things happening?

I understand if its neccessary to further the plot like in ANH, but if too much of the excitement is orchestrated for other means like in SW where according to some people almost nothing ever happend and Obi-Won and Yoda are only pretending to argue about training Luke and in Empire, that takes away from the threat of the whole movie and I'm like "whaat".
You mean the inane plot twist/point for no reason at all thing?
You mean the inane plot twist/point for no reason at all thing?
It usually involves an inane plot twist, but I mean specifically when a movie shows some kind of intense scene like an escape sequence where its later revealed that the pursuing party were not really intending to apprehend the escapee, but intended to let him go, or a fight that appears to be a badass struggle that its revealed later that someone let the other one win.

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