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Does anyone here love/listen to Classical/orchestrational music?


Feb 19, 2007
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i dont know if many of you listen to this kind of music, but its become almost primarily what i enjoy listening to. whether its Classical music by Handel, Mozart, Beethoven or Tchaikovsky, or movie soundtrack scores like Howard Shore, Danny Elfman, Henry Mancini, i listen to it all. i own MANY movie soundtracks, and for me movie scores are pretty much the m modern day equivlent of Classical music, you dont even need the movie to listen to some scores. but i love the classics like the William Tell overture (for those of you who dont know, the "lone ranger" theme), In The Hall of the Mountain King, the 1812 overture, Opr.30: Introduction (aka the 2001:space oddessy song), its all just amazing to me. i cant even believe such crap music exists these days when i listen to any of this music, alot of it is just so beauiful/uproareus/uplifting/emotional, that its almost sickening to even turn on the radio and hear whatever of todays crap they play. not that all modern stuff is bad, i love U2, and i like alot of diffeent rock and 70's/60's music, not very much modern stuff. but for me i always seem to have some kind of Classical music on in my car/house. i know not many of you may, but i am curious if there is any other Classical fans out there too!
I have a CD of Bach that I play when I'm trying to do serious things at work. It does make you feel more intellectual, even if it is a placebo.
Classical? No. But I do listen to stuff like Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. Does that count as orchestral?
I'm not much a fan of the classical music, Beethoven, Bach, that sort of stuff. But I do love some soundtracks. Those you listed: Shore, Elfman I like. I also like Basil Poledouris among others.
I don't listen to much "classical" in the literal sense of the world (like Beethoven, Bach, etc.), but I love modern orchestral music, symphonic especially. Most of it does come from movie scores, but more can be found if you look hard enough.

My absolute favorite band is a duo from Swansea called Hybrid, who specialize in the fusion of the electronic breakbeats and orchestral pieces. Sometimes they release the orchestral version on its own, which I wish they would do more often.

You can get a string sample of a song called Higher Than a Skyscraper here.
When I'm in the right mood I listen to both, as long as it sounds good I'll listen to it.
While not my favorite hobby, I do enjoy classical music, like Debussy for instance. Plus, a couple if movie and game soundtracks here and there...Akira Yamaoko and Michael Giachino's work, specifically.
Clint Mansell I guess would be included in scores. I hated Smokin Aces, but I bought the soundtrack because that alone is better than the movie.

In fact this is the best part of the movie.


But other than this he is the composer of what is basically known as the ultimate epic score, one that you hear on a lot of movie trailers, TV, lots of places. Lux Aeterna.
I listen to a lot of orchestral stuff, such as Danny Elfman, Joseph LoDuca, Vangelis, and John Williams. Never really got into the classical stuff.
I'm big on Orchestral stuff. I've even noticed lately that I hardly pay attention to lyrics in regular songs now. Just the instruments in the bg.

Though it can ONLY be listened to with headphones for supreme sound. Anything else is rubbish.
I have some movie soundtracks and video game soundtracks. I just have to be in the mood for them.

I like classical music, though it's still a growing addition in my collection.
I liked Kanye West's Late Orchestration from Abbey Road.........:o
Ennio Morricone

once upon a time in the west

the good, the bad and the ugly
I like clasical music when I hear some over the radio, and I love orchestral movie soundtracks (John Williams- yaay!)
I'd like to start listening to classical composers though, like Mozart and Bach, but I'd have no idea where to start.
I listen to Classical Music. Movie Soundtracks too. And Classical Renditions of Heavy Metal, Like Apocolyptica. I play it in the Office when the Boss is in town so he thinks me is smart! I hope that it works.
I have always enjoyed classical music and studying the intricacies of it.
Classical? No. But I do listen to stuff like Glenn Miller and Benny Goodman. Does that count as orchestral?
No, they don't count as Classical but they are awesome! Glen Miller's very good but Benny Goodman is simply fantastic! I play the clarinet too... just like him. :O

As for being a fan of Classical music, I definitely am one. Love the opera as well.

I am familiar with all the composers you mentioned but quite disappointed you made no mention of John Williams. :csad:
oh yeah, john williams!! i loove him too, of course hes a big name in my collection of movie scores. but i love all kinds, hell, i even have the main themes to "city slickers" and disneys "the great mouse detective", lol. and anyone here know the the "peter gunn" theme? i LOVE that!

also, i agree with the poster JP, i also listen to alot of regular songs just for the background music. for instance, i love limp bizkits mission:impossible 2 theme, but i HATE the stupid lyrics. i wish i could just find a version of the song just with the music and not the lame (c)rap lyrics.

and yes, Ennio Morricone, been meaning to get that for a while, and i finally just bought that soundtrack for the Good the Bad and the Ugly last week. amazing stuff, i LOVE that whistleing theme.
The Great Mouse Detective is one of my favorite films. Outstanding movie!

Btw, if you want to listen to Classical music while you're surfing the net, here's a good site to go to:


They're playing Schumann right now. Have you tried listening to opera?
wow, you also love TGMD? so cool! yeah i grew up watching that, and just recently watched it again with my family. great great stuff! i love vincent price as ratigan, hes awsome! kinda scary at the end remember? i loved the opening theme, so i looked for it on itunes and found it, and henry mancini does it (same guy who did moonriver, peter gunn, pink panther) so hes one of my favorites now.

and thanks alot for that link, i will have to check it out! as for opera, well i like the Phantom of the Opera, lol, but i dont think that qualifies as opera.
I got to play for John Williams in 1996. I was in the Olympic band for the games in Atlanta. He wrote the theme "Summon the Heroes". He conducted us for the opening ceremonies. I'm a big classical music fan. I play the trombone at church and I play with a community orchestra. Plus I have a brass quintet that's for hire for weddings, social functions, whatever.

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