Does anyone miss Codes/Gameshark/etc?


Sep 11, 2012
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I kind of think about this every once awhile and it seems pretty much non-existent these days. Do cheat codes exist anymore? Outside of PC, even game mods don't really exist. The games I play certainly don't have them.

I was never one to play a game and enable all of the cheats (god mode, ammo, etc) because it was hard, but more because sometimes I just wanted to explore or try something different.

I miss Gameshark for games where I could just put in a code and have all of the unlockables up front. Sometimes I don't have the time to complete the crazy challenges of the current gen just to get a crappy skin for a character. Thinking of Mortal Kombat 9, I just didn't have time to master the challenge tower for the extra unlocks and now they are just kind of lost.

I don't even play as many games as I used too, but I can't even think of a game that has codes?

Anyone else feel the same?
Yeah Gameshark was cool,I loved using them on N64 games to get the unlockables and especially for wrestling&fighting games!!
Gameshark and the GameGenie were fun as all hell. Especially when my friends and I would mess around creating our own codes. It was trial and error of course, but sometimes we would make some cool glitches happen.

When it comes to actual codes, like the kind you enter in at the main menu. Personally I have no idea why they got rid of doing that. Maybe it's because games now days(especially 1st person shooters) already give you infinite lives basically.
For certain things, sure. Like unlocking skins or characters or whatever. But in general? No, I don't really miss them.
I used them so much when I was younger. I really didn't care about the challenge I would have in a normal playthrough, I just wanted to breeze through the story.

Nowadays, I really don't care. I want to feel challenged and tense when I'm playing a game. I always try to complete the hardest mode and collect everything of every game I get.
I deff remember enjoying using codes and the gameshark, but i dont miss them.
I do. I could certainly have used one for Devil May Cry 4 to beat Dante Must Die mode. I will never ever beat that mode with my moderate skill.
Never tried Gameshark, but i loved Game Genie. Never would have beaten Super Mario Bros. 3 without it.
I do, even with working trainers
Some game trainers don't work, it's annoying, especially in a rain of bullets and there is no way to sense your enemies
Some games don't allow New Game+, I want cheats to start the game with all upgrades
Yeah, I really miss those
the good ol' days of Game Genie & Gameshark

those two accessories helped me get through so many games, especially on the NES
I was never a fan of Game Genie/Shark, it took the challenge out of the game. If I'm using invincibility it makes the game boring. I'm all for using a in game cheat (ie Komani code in Contra or pause trick in Mega Man) or a guide to help me through, so if I get stuck I know where to go, however the effects of game genie/shark would make things too easy.
I never knew they existed back in the NES days,I only had Gameshark for N64
Man, I used to have a gameshark. So many good and weird times. I remember once me and my sister booted up Tekken 3 and gave Jin Anna's move set. It was interesting to see, but it had the creepy side effect of giving him her win poses etc, so all the sexy flirting that she usually does was odd on him and caused the model to distort nightmarishly at times. :p

In general I miss codes, that's something that I'm disappointed in this modern generation. There's a achievements aplenty, but in this day and age, you don't have codes that could change the game, unlock secrets etc, a bunch of that has been occupied by the DLC phenomenon. :/
man........I still remember the Game Genie for the NES.

and how much of a pain it was to hook the cartridge up to the Game Genie, then stick the Genie into the

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