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Does Reed's commitment to science ever conflict with Sue's religious piety?


Mar 17, 2006
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My guess is NO( or not usually), remember it's usually overlooked that scientists(or quite a few of them) were individuals of deep faith and piety- Gregor Mendel was an Augustinian monk, Louis Pasteur a devout Catholic, and in a Christmas era story, Reed tells his son Franklin that he too believes in God( although his particular church denomination is not mentioned, Sue's allusion to lighting a candle in St Patrick's Cathedral implies that she is a Catholic) in his own way.
Anybody think as I do?

If you're talking about "Ultimate" characters... they don't count.
Religion doesn't conflict with science (IMHO). Especially in the Marvel Universe where there is actually a God, regardless of readers' own faith, whom the F4 met.

Hey, doesn't that mean this a Babelfish situation? "for proof denies faith, and without faith I am nothing..." :woot:
Yes, since meeting God, Sue has quit being Catholic and become a Marvelite.
One of Reed's favorite quotes...

"God does not play dice with the universe."

-Albert Einstein

Both Reed & Einstein acknowledge God and His existence.
Sue and Johnny are assumed to be Episcopalian (they might have been created by Lee and Kirby with WASPy backgrounds), so Sue's lighting a candle at St. Patrick's could be interpreted as: 1) they have Catholic ancestry, or; 2) a respect for whatever similarities exist between Catholics and Episcopalians.

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