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Dog with a Blog (huh?)


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Feb 11, 2011
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This is actually real?!?!


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What the hell is happening at Disney Channel? I remember stuff like That's so Raven, Zack & Cody, Sony with a Chance, Wizards of Waverly Place and hell, even Hannah Montana actualy having some cool ideas with a decent execution, this just looks so dumb...

The other Disney Channel original live action shows also look realy painfuly generic, what happened? Anyone that watches the channel with their kids or still follows anything there that can enlighten me if everything there is still like that?
Actually, Disney has a pretty damn good lineup.

It may seem horrible from first glance, but alot of these shows are pretty damn good. Good Luck Charlie was the best show they had in years, and it sucked that it ended.

The only show they have which is just plain bad, and not up to par with their other shows, is 'Jessie'.

And as far as Dog with a Blog's concept...... its more or a less a ripoff of '100 Good Deeds For Eddie McDowd', a great show frm Nick in the late 90s/early 2000s. Just minus the "human becoming a dog, and completing deeds" element.
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I remember Eddie McDowd, a shame that one ended without a proper resolution, as a kid i always wondered why the episodes wouldn't get past a certain number of good deeds. Didn't know their shows were that good now, they seem so..."white"...

Dog with a Blog is something i would expect from a parody of Disney shows, not an actual show, wow! Is Disney still making crossovers? I remember them making a Raven/ Zack & Cody/ Hannah Montana one followed by another with Wizards of Waverly place replacing Raven.

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