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Don't Be A Dummy, Come Describe A Hype Member With A Gif! - - - - - - - - - - - Part 21

See that feels like a case of knowing you need to hedge your bets a little with the whole concept of a time capsule film. If it were a Scorsese or Tarantino or Nolan film that almost no adult today would be alive to see, there would be riots in the streets.

But a Robert Rodriguez film produced by Remy Martin? Ehh… that’s fine.
This is true. If it were something from one of those more in-demand directors I don't think a studio would even allow it. They'd say "No thank you, we'd like our money now please. While we're alive."
When you were afraid you had lost your ability to actually laugh out loud at anything and then you see someone on YouTube theorize that a TV character portrayed by an actress in her sixties might be pregnant
Me every week when I see that AMC's Interview With The Vampire Season 2 isn't trending or being talked about by the masses on social media

greys-anatomy-meredith-grey (1).gif
Walking in to check out The Acolyte after being touted as the next Andor


me after two episodes in

Coming to the realization that “20 years ago” no longer refers to anything in the 1990s but instead designates the year 2004


I used to be a young person, and now I’m not a young person anymore.
Zac Efron is almost 40.
Being a fan of the MTV Spider-Man cartoon and seeing a more refined version of that animation being used for superhero **** 20 years later
My four phases of watching annoying nerds fall to pieces about every new Star Wars thing



Did not expect Glenn to be the one who aged the worst. :eek:

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