Don't you thinks its a bit odd that Rami hasn't been asked to do other Marvel project

The Wrecker

Sep 29, 2003
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Well if hes free I'd like to see him direct a different character
Well, for a while now I think they wanted his focus on Spiderman. It might be game on now though, Im still skeptical it would happen. Raimi loves the character and thats one of the reasons he got involved.
What other Marvel movie would to like to see him do. Avengers maybe...
Is it possible he might just get sick of being a superhero go to director?
I know actors seem to hate being typecast, the same might extend to directors.

He's been involved in Spider-Man for years now, he'd done the Darkman trilogy...

I do hope he gets involved with another character, one with a dark side, maybe Moon Knight, or a restart of Ghost Rider, or hell, even a restart of Daredevil by him would be good.
Well if hes free I'd like to see him direct a different character

He's one of the principal founders of Ghost House Pictures. They produced the American adaptions of the Grudge and brought 30 Days of Night to film. That keeps him fairly busy.
Raimi is the director of Spidey and stop.
He can directed an Avengers movie version but he's not , for me, a great director for Moon Knight or DD.
HIs take wouldnt work on any other characters except for perhaps the fantastic four.

all of marvel's other characters are far too serious.
I agree, Nov. I think his style is better suited for the f4 but for spidey and other characters he lacks the instinct to bring these people to life in a justified maner.
I don't think Raimi cares about any of the other characters. Why would he?
Sam doing Fantastic Four would be ****ing fantastic...
No more odd than say Donner not being asked to do another DC movie.
...and you think he cares about spider-man:huh: :o

On some level, yea... what level that is is debateable, but he is enthusiastic about the character in general, as far as I understand.
Or how about......... Power-Man and Iron Fist----- > Heros for hire!

The comics have a great feel to them, and a retro look!
Why? Just because Singer went and did Supes doesn't mean Raimi will try to get another, maybe he was offered but turned it down.
TBH I think so too! But don't you think it's a bit outer space for him. Has he ever done a space/ sci fi type film?.

Still always Spidy 4
I was going to disagree with you but he was unable to even manage spidey's level of intellect, i'd be scared to see what he ended up doing with reed...

he'd probably end up a crying jock with organic inventions he shat out.
lets get some new blood in. Rami did a good job with spider-man 1, and the rest were sequels. Lets find some new guys who will do a better job
Or how about......... Power-Man and Iron Fist----- > Heros for hire!

I could go for that - I used to read the comics when I was a kid. I`ve heard talk of Power-Man and Iron Fist individual movies in the works.
The film studio could take less of a gamble with individual movies and just pair them up in one film.

Someone mentioned about Raimi doing an Avengers movie , to be honest, I couldnt see him handling that amount of characters on screen at once.
He had enough trouble balancing four in Spiderman 3.

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