Doom Patrol Doom Patrol TV Show Greenlit

What a shame. I’ve really enjoyed this series. But for some reason whenever I tell people to watch it they never do. And when they do they love it
Bumping the thread with some hopeful good news, Doom Patrol has been recently included in the 'Coming Soon To Max' video. Sadly they didn't list a date on when the second half will air but I'm hoping it's at least coming around June or July.

link: at 2:11
There's a trailer up for the final episodes. Because I'm a season behind, I don't want to watch it yet, and I also don't know if it has language that would get the post removed. But Doom Patrol: The Final Episodes, the trailer is on YouTube
Caught the finale. Probably the best ending we can hope for. Very bittersweet but gives definite closure to everyone's story. Some obviously happier than others but no one got shorted.
I'm sad that it ended, but I think it was the right call. That season 1 (and maybe 2) magic wasn't really there anymore. I still enjoyed the show, but season 4 is probably my least favourite. I think not having chief was too big of a loss, and I wasn't a fan of the new characters on the team. Maybe Doom Patrol could've bounced back, but I'm glad that they gave the show a real ending at least.
While this show definitely peaked for me at Season 2, I still thought this season was much better than the last one and it had a great ending despite the fact that I found it somewhat depressing.

Rita dying was one thing but Cliff dying too was a serious gut punch.
I really liked this series. And I thought the finale was well done — a fitting and poignant farewell.

Also… I’m not the biggest fan of musical episodes. Often, they strike me as too contrived and discordant with the overall tone of the show in question. But that doesn’t apply here. ;) Doom Patrol is so bizarre and so surreal that breaking into song and dance almost counts as “normal” — perhaps one of their least crazy conceits. I enjoyed it.

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