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    This fic is basically me re-writing the entirety of Dragonball Z in my own style and making several lore changes yet leaving the core story intact. For example, Raditz comes to Earth, Goku dies. On the other hand the Namek's are like the Vulcans from STAR TREK, the Saiyans are a powerful empire as opposed to an endangered species and Dr. Gero is actually one of the good guys. Love it or hate it, here it is.



    It is the year 2010. In the year 1975, humans were successful in making contact with a sentient green skinned humanoid alien race that called themselves Namekians, so called for their home world of Namek, present in the Sirius system about 7 light years away from Earth. First contact was made through the use of radio signals using the SETI system that made contact with a Namekian research vessel. The signals came from the far side of the moon. After constant incoherent signals for an entire hour, the researchers were shocked to hear a voice speaking in what sounded like English, the first words that were heard were, “We are Namekians. We come in peace and request an audience with your people.” This message became a sensation as analysts realized these beings were one step ahead of them.

    A message was sent to the ship in English requesting it to land in a secluded location in the Nevada Desert. Scientists reveled in the glory of making contact, skeptics called it the end of the world and religious people considered them heaven sent. Despite some protests, the military sent a contingent of tanks just in case something went wrong. The Namekians arrived in an oval vessel with shining silver like exterior, flattened bottom, pointed nose and two large thick downward curved wings that also served as landing support. Four concentric circles were present on the underbelly giving off a blue light and seemed to suggest an anti-gravity device. From the front portion of the ship a platform descended hanging from four cables and on it were three aliens.

    The spectators, news reporters and military personnel were shocked at their appearance, not because they were ugly but because they looked so much like humans themselves. The only differences were green skin, two antennae sprouting an inch from the head, pink patches both above and below the arms and elbows. Finally, their most sinister feature was their fangs and claws. The first human that went up to them and shook hands in what would become one of the greatest moments of the 20th century was none other than United Nations Secretary General, Kurt Waldheim. It was quite surprising to him that when he offered to shake hands with a male of the Namekians species, he readily accepted and spoke in a warm voice as if the two were old friends. The Namekian or rather Korak as he introduced himself said that he was a scientist and was a member of an ancient race that had been studying humans for a long time. However they felt it was time to make themselves known.

    They were not here as invaders or as beings claiming to be a higher form of life and try to force the humans to accept their ways. They were a peaceful race looking to be friends and hopefully share culture and technology. The most humorous part of the enlightening conversation was when a Namekian child standing next to his mother exclaimed, “Not all aliens are ugly or evil mister!” Mr. Waldheim laughed much to the amusement of his or rather the earth’s guests. Proving the fact they had been watching them for quite some time and human culture was of the great interest. Unfortunately, the meeting would have been perfect were it not for one trigger-happy soldier present. Out of panic, one of the tanks opened fire. It headed straight for the ship but instead it exploded in mid air. The shell had it the force field that crackled with electricity for a few moments before becoming transparent once more.

    Korak’s expression changed to anger as he politely excused himself and attacked the tanks with green spheres of energy that only destroyed the turrets leaving the rest intact causing the frightened soldiers to escape their vehicles. Korak swiftly returned and apologized to Mr. Waldheim for having to see to that to which his response was, “On the contrary. It is we who should apologize for not being able to leash ourselves” Waldheim laughed, Korak and his family smiled. Thus, a great interplanetary friendship began.

    Over the years the Namekians shared many secrets of the universe with them, they introduced humans to the concept of Ki energy, energy present in all living beings that could be harnessed through mental training. Humans learnt to perform many kinds of energy attacks much like the ones Korak demonstrated on that day, now known as Day of First Contact. In fact, even flight was attainable using this energy and is considered one of the simpler techniques. This Ki energy as well as the their own physical strength was the sole reason why they never developed any military technology unlike humans who even after learning the use of Ki energy still depend upon technology for war due to the amount of dedication and training required.

    They also introduced humans to the Arcadians; red skinned tall and white haired neighbors of the Namekians whose culture resembled a highly futuristic human society. Thus, on the eve of the formation of the United Nations, the Milky Way Union was formed, an organization that handled all interplanetary relations between the three races. This organization consisted of three representing members of each race along with five advisors from various fields. The headquarters of this organization is present in Sydney, Australia

    All seemed well; however, a famous Arcadian political figure was once noted as saying, "As far as the current state of the galaxy is concerned, we now exist in a utopia of sorts, safe from any major catastrophe. But we must not forget that before a sea is torn apart by a storm, it is eerily calm just like our galaxy is today" As predicted, the universe will be rocked by not one but several catastrophe's and the only thing standing in it's way will be a group of fighters led by a man named Goku.

    Bali, Indonesia. Present Day.​

    A large gray, Bell Pelican V2 prototype craft lands in a beautiful courtyard of palm trees with the rising sun against the sea as a background. The craft is shaped like a large sea bird with short wings and a large body powered by 4 propulsion jets that can be turned in any direction giving off an orange glow, 2 on the ends of the wings and 2 more on either side of the long yet broad tail which itself ends in a vertical “V” shape. The majority of the front is a Plexiglas covered cockpit where 4 can be seated and a larger custom modified seating area at the back. The landing gear consists of 3 large skis that come out from the hull of the craft. The roaring engines come to a halt, the dust being blown settles, a door slides open from the left side and a set of stairs unfolds.

    A young woman, of approximately 34 years, wearing a black two piece suit with a blue blouse, descends from the stairs moving with the grace and elegance that her peers expect her to display. A dignified old man slowly walks towards it; the dust kicked up by the rotor blades nothing more than a minor annoyance. As the blades grind two a halt, the two figures silently approach each other.

    The old man speaks, “AH! Am I dead? For an angel has appeared before me, take me oh ample bosomed one.”

    Pat came the reply, “Listen old man, you look like you’re late for an appointment, with the grim reaper, so lets make this fast”

    They both stared at each other for a moment and instantly burst into laughter, inappropriate comments had grown into friendly greetings at this point. The woman with the blue hair, Bulma made a respectful bow, both hands joined together. The old man, Master Roshi blessed her. Bulma quipped, “Ah! It feels nice to be back here after such a long time. Sydney is not a place for peace and quiet.”

    “Yes, nice to see you too Bulma, I don’t get to se such beauty quite often. Hahaha!”

    The old man laughed, in his youth he used to be bit of a womanizer but unfortunately he believes he still has that old charisma. In fact Bulma probably would not treat him with much respect unless she had met Goku and Krillin who had told her many good and great things about him. They entered the sacred school and went into one of the many training rooms where they were met with a familiar face. A 5-foot tall, lean and muscular male wearing an orange karate-gi was doing pull ups with his legs wrapped around a pull up bar, straining to lift up his head each time. Bulma walked up to him as silently as possible, the moment his head went back down, Bulma cam into full view and screamed, “HI! KRILLIN!”

    This startled him and the poor fellow fell to the ground with a thud.

    Bulma replied with great enthusiasm, “Nice to see you’re still short and bald”

    “Yes. Nice to see you too. So how’s the business?” he replied dryly, stroking his head.
    Bulma continued, “It’s doing well thank you very much. Where’s Goku?”

    No one present knew the answer. However, just outside, a man in a simple jeans and shirt with a small child, about 9 years old on his shoulder and a traveling bag was walking down the dirt road which led up to Master Roshi’s school. He walks in gingerly towards the small group and is greeted by his old friends. Goku bows to Master Roshi as Bulma plucks the child from his shoulders and begins to baby him, “Hey Gohan! Remember me? I’m your aunt Bulma.” The child laughed in her arms

    Krillin inquired, “Hey! How come Chi-Chi didn’t come?”

    Goku replied, “Busy with office work as usual, crime never sleeps.”

    Bulma quipped, “I’ll say, I even offered her a spot as a corporate lawyer at Brief Incorporated. She would have to hit the books again but I told her about the benefits and stuff. She declined saying that she would rather help regular people than some big company afraid of losing a few million dollars.”

    Bulma teases him, “Hey Goku! Is Chi-Chi still giving you a hard time? I offered to marry you instead and if you had agreed then, you wouldn’t have to take so much abuse. I’m very understanding!”

    Goku quips, “Ha! No thanks! I’m perfectly happy with her plus her cooking is great!”

    The group continued to talk about how they had spent their days since they last met. A loud explosion is heard outside. They rush out and are shocked to see the southern-most part of Roshi’s school blown to bits. Master Roshi screams, “WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS?”

    A lone figure floats above the wreckage.
    Goku shouts a warning, “HEY! WHO ARE YOU? WHY DID YOU DO THIS? PICCOLO! IS THAT YOU?”

    The figure floats down before them, an alien humanoid wearing what appears to be some sort of samurai inspired armor sans helmet, a green visor on his left eye fastened to his ear and his most defining feature, long unkempt black hair that ran all the way down to his knees. The alien speaks, “Allow me to introduce myself, I am Raditz and you Kakarot, are my younger brother. I have come to take you back home”

    1 YEAR AGO

    We travel to a planet several hundred light years from earth, Planet Vegeta. The Capital City of Bellum, a vast metropolis stretching as far as the eye can see, under a black/purple sky with towering spiral skyscrapers is a magnificent palace from where the King of all Saiyans, Lord Vegeta rules supreme. We pass through the vast neon lighted corridors to reach the quarters of the crown prince Vegeta, future ruler of the planet. He is wearing what appear to be black trousers with white knee length boots, a large white armor like vest, flanked by shoulder pads with the coat of arms engraved on the chest. He is working on a device that acts as a holographic encyclopedia for heavenly bodies; the planet he is currently looking at is our own. He sits with one hand on his cheek pondering, “Nice place…. primitive though. Yet the dominant species looks oddly familiar.”

    A small, pen shaped device attached to his ear begins to glow he places his hand on it and speaks, “Hello? Anyone there?”

    A haggard voice echoes from the other side, distorted by magnetic interference, “Ve…geta! It’s me… Ra…ditz. Don’t worry, I’m… secure channel … safe… talk”

    The prince scowls; somehow this old acquaintance had broken through the security network and opened a secure channel directly with his communicator. However, it was an amateurish attempt at best as the sound was horribly distorted. He could barely make out what Raditz was saying but deduced that he was in some kind of trouble and desperately wanted to meet him at an abandoned flight pad in Industrial Junction 24, a rather desolate and dark part of the city where only the lowest life forms reside. He ends the call and promptly leaves the castle. However one should not be fooled into thinking that he actually cared for what happened to him, this was merely a source of amusement. As he flies over the vast cityscape a wave of nostalgia hits him regarding his destination.

    The defunct metallic hulks and factories that lay strewn about the landscape describe a tale to those who wish to listen. During a civil war that consumed the greater part of his people’s history, Industrial Zone 24 housed the headquarters of the resistance movement known as the “Order Of Paragus”. When his father, King Vegeta, sworn preserver of the royal blood came to know of its location after years of struggle, took the horse by the reins and led a massive attack joined by his head weapons researcher and friend Bardock famous or rather infamous for his work in biological warfare.

    He ought to have known; he was there, watching silently from the sidelines as a young lad. As he approached the smog ridden, pest infested black hole, he noticed the light from a fire was seemingly cutting through the smog. That was the signal, crude yet effective. He landed nearby and noticed that Raditz wasn’t waiting for him. “Oh, who’s this? Looks like a pretty boy elite.”

    Vegeta turned around to see a gang of thugs waiting for him. He was surprised they did not realize who he was and dared challenge him. He started to move towards them and the look on their faces when he came into full view amused him. Vegeta cocked an eyebrow and said, “What was that?”
    Before a rather one-sided fight could ensue, they were interrupted by the arrival of Raditz who was quick to explain the awkward situation.

    “Sorry Vegeta, I had to play a little trick on you. I had to make sure you were not followed.” He tells the gang to leave so he could speak with Vegeta in private.

    “I asked you to come here because you are the only one I trust anymore. I’m leaving the planet, to find my brother, Kakarot. It was quite unfortunate that he had to suffer the same fate as you. We found you but he was lost. The records show that he apparently went off course and headed somewhere towards the outer reaches of our quadrant.”

    Raditz had lost Vegeta during his overtly long explanation and triggered a memory that he wished never existed. For a moment he started blankly into space before literally bursting into flames, grabbing Raditz by the neck, lifting him up a good few feet off the ground and slamming his body into the large metallic wall behind them. He held him up against the wall, paying no heed to his cries of mercy and slowly tightening his grip, “DON’T YOU EVER! REMIND ME OF THAT AGAIN!!”

    The legend of Prince Vegeta seems eons old, the old king of his world had died and a dispute broke out between his two sons over who is the rightful heir to the throne. One contender was the current ruler himself, King Vegeta and the other was his brother Paragus. Ultimately the entire planet was broken up into factions and a massive war broke out between the two. King Vegeta ultimately won but Paragus had managed to maintain an underground rebellion. Eventually he was caught and ordered punishment. However, Vegeta could not simply contend with having him beheaded, so he had his son Broly be exiled to the most hostile planet of the quadrant, doomed to be eaten by the wildlife or starve to death.

    The rebels were obviously not very happy and carried out an immense raid on the palace losing several men in the process but their intentions were clear. They freed Paragus, stormed the royal nursery and kidnapped the newborn children of the many royals, ministers and friends of the king. Among them were the prince himself and Goku, son of Bardock. The rebels managed to place them in individual pods and sent them off to different parts of the galaxy. An eye for an eye. Most children were never found, presumed dead from lack of nourishment. For 10 long years King Vegeta ordered his men under penalty of death to search the far corners of the galaxy.

    One day, while the search party on distant hostile planet returned to their ship, one of their men was suddenly attacked and killed by something. That something was a naked 12-year-old Saiyan with jet-black hair moving upward and ending in a sharp point and a face reminiscent of their king. They found the prince at last. As they bowed in front of him out of fear and awe, the little boy formed an evil smirk on his face and laughed, he simply laughed. They had to tranquilize him like an animal and take him back to the home world where it took 19 long and painful years until this day to groom him into the respectable member of the royal family he was meant to be.

    Raditz continued, “We are getting some outside help. Paragus has made contact with some alien mercenaries led by someone called King Kold. As long as they help Paragus reclaim his throne, the mercs can have anything they want.”

    Vegeta dropped a coughing Raditz onto the ground, “THAT’S IT? You called me for this nonsense.”

    Raditz pleaded with him and explained, “It’s a little more than a personal matter. Having one more hand in the rebellion won’t be such a bad thing. With one more man we may have a bit more chance. The reason you stuck with me even after you found out that I was working for the rebels was because you hate your father, well this is our big chance. You’ll still be the prince; free to do whatever you want. I want my brother to experience this new age.”

    Vegeta had a train of thought, “What if he is happy wherever he is and doesn’t want to return?”

    He laughed as he saw Raditz’s expression change to one of anger and duly reminded him of his weakness, “Compassion, it will be your fall rebel. Don’t get so attached to everything”

    The two Saiyans promptly left. Vegeta shuddered for a moment, he felt as if he were being watched but shrugged it off as nothing. From a distance, a large, muscular, bald headed figure is seen watching him intensely.
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    eh.....i havent been comfortable hearing about a Dragonball movie ever since Evolution....(shudders)
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    You seem to be forgeting about the original Dragon Ball
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    Well DBZ is the one everyone has watched and knows about.
    Plus I prefer the more action based DBZ over the comedic Dragonball

    And this is a regular old fashioned fanfic, not a movie script
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    that's a lot to read...i might read it little by little and letcha know what i think over time.

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