DTL Season 5-Week 5 (Set 3)

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Sep 23, 2007
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The rules:
This is one of four threads containing matches.
The threads will be in use for 10 days. Days 1-4 are strictly setup time for owners to plead their cases, tell us their team’s strategies, breakdown the match ups, and do whatever else they can/want to do to try and convince you that their team would pull out a victory. Please, let the owners do this on their own with no help from you, the fan. Owners can debate only when their opponenet has finished posting their writeup.

On Day 5 I will post and tell everyone that voting may begin. Only after doing so will voting start. Any votes cast before I open voting will not count.

Look over the matchups and read the owners strategies and take into consideration how in-character each character is. Afterwards, use your best judgment to decide who you think has the best chance to win the match up. (Note: The length of a writeup is up to the owner. Do not punish owners just for having a shorter writeup.)

To vote, post the team names you think will prevail in each match. Remember, to vote for each match up or your vote will not count! The teams with the highest vote total at the end of the 7th day will get a W while the other will get an L. (Equal votes will result in a tie.)

The battleground for this week is: Stryker's Island

The Authorititans
Infinity-Man (DU) - Super-strength, superspeed, invulnerability, flight, phasing, energy and matter manipulation, magnetokinesis, telepathy, healing factor, "infinity-beams".
Anarky w/ green power ring (DU) - superintelligence, hacker, inventor/gadgeteer, highly skilled martial-artist, green power ring capable of creating hard-light constructs limited only by user's imagination.
Aztek (DM) - energy manipulation, superstrength, superspeed, supersenses, flight, invisibility, intangibility
Midnighter (post-Worldstorm) (DR) - enhanced senses, superstrength, super-reflexes, enhanced speed, super-immune system, calculates millions of possible battle scenarios in one second
Anarky (DR) - see above, but without power ring


(Owner - Mistress Gluon)
Silver Surfer (eXiles) (MU)
Hyperion (eXiles) (MU)
Wabird (eXiles) (MM)
Deathstroke (DR)
Bullseye (MR)


B'wana Bet?
Baron Helmut Zemo (with Moonstones)(MU)- The Moonstones grant Zemo his own version of Cosmic Awareness and powers, including the ability to open warps through time and space, in addition to his own natural skills and prodigious leadership ability.
Ares (DU) (Bio link seems fairly suspect) - The Olympian god of battle, conflict, and death, Ares grows in stature by the presence of all three. A top schemer, he possess superhuman stats, and is capable of producing various mystical and divine effects, including interdimensional teleportation, and naturally afflicting god-wounds, which prove difficult to heal. He now holds the Staff of Hades. A common piece of lore states no mortal weapon may harm him.
Lightray (DM) - Powers: Faster than light, superhuman strength and durability, energy conversion, and light manipulation. Lightray is highly-intelligent and possesses a Mother Box.
Reed Richards (MR) - Elastic supergenius. Again, perhaps the only point in need of highlighting here is his little used ability to alter his own mind through his powers.
Black Swan (MR) - High-class assassin with the ability to down and upload mental information much like a computer, and other latent psychic abilities.


Everbody In The Case Mare
Wonder Woman DU - enhanced strength, agility, speed, magical resistance. Parahenelia: Lasso of Truth, sandals of hermes, axe, sword, armor
Thordis MU - Weilds Mjolnir. enhanced strength, agility, magical resistance , control over thunder and storms.
Byakko DM - phasing herself and other people, disrupts electronic devices, stealth
Jaine Cutter MR - Outerskin that's invulnerable, ehnanced strength, agility
Nemesis DR - Ancient Coda Warrior, empath, enhanced strength and agility, excellent hand to hand fighter. Paraphenelia: Coda sword cand cut through virtually anything, Pegasus bike, suit of armor that generates a force field and an invisible cloak, various weapons including genetic bombs

-2400 hours; the recreation yard, Stryker's Island Maximum Security Penitentiary.

“Who are you supposed to be?”

Two young men in striking red cloaks and golden masks stand facing each other. Moments after the five men teleported in, the two approached one another and spoke almost simultaneously. Scanning each other with their onboard computers, both reach the same conclusion: Lonnie Machin is facing Lonnie Machin.

“The ramifications of this encounter are unfathomable to the human mind, Lonnie,” says the version of Anarky not wearing a ring.

“I agree, Lonnie. It's good that we have two superhuman minds to put to the task.”

“Not today, Lonnie. Today we have a game to fight.”

“Who are the players on our team here?”

“The guy over there in the weird armor is Infinity-Man. Brother of Darkseid, apparently, but a good guy. Massive power levels.”

“I recognize Aztek, there.”

“Yes, that's Aztek. Quite the powerhouse.”

“Indeed. The third one?”

“I'm unfamiliar with him. Let's ask.”

Meanwhile, deep in the bowels of the prison, the five soldiers of Mistress Gluon plot strategy. Because of his superior knowledge of the facility, as well as the entire home universe of several of the opposing characters, Deathstroke assumes the role of team leader. The team members set themselves up in the guard house, amassing various heavy-duty weaponry and munitions for Bullseye and Deathstroke, with the Surfer and Hyperion working to set up a small fortress which the group will be able to fall back on and defend and work from.

They want to keep the fight away from the dampening cells, as they're concerned about their technologically inclined opponents, Anarky, setting them up there. This means staying as a tight team and not getting removed from the staging area. The matches are set up with Hyperion taking on Infinity-Man, and Surfer taking on Anarky/GL, while Warbird will deal with Aztek, Deathstroke will deal with Midnighter, and Hawkeye will deal with Anarky.

Meanwhile, Deathstroke doesn't really know much about any of the Authorititans, while the Authorititans from the DCU know more than enough about him. For example, he doesn't know that the super-genius Anarky has such a sharp tactical mind that he can easily outsmart the entire Justice League, Batman and J'onn J'onzz included. Put TWO of Anarky together...the results are unstoppable.

-2200 hours, the control room, Stryker's Island Maximum Security Penitentiary.

The five Authorititans stand in the central control room of Stryker's Island prison, all fully briefed on one another, and as fully briefed as they can be on their opponents. The only one they know of is Deathstroke, but they can be reasonably confident that he doesn't really know much about any of them.

The team has coalesced around the strategy and tactics of Anarky, with input from Midnighter.

“Our goal needs to be to use the dampening cells here at Stryker's as much as possible. Lonnie and I have our onboard computers plugged in to the system here, and secured against anything but a very heavy attack. We can keep an eye on our tac displays and have a cell locked and dampening in a matter of seconds, so don't worry about that. You get them in a dampening cell, which are located in these sectors of the prison, marked in red on the map, and we'll take care of the rest. Lonnie?”

“Thank you, Lonnie. As much as we'd like to make use of the cells, we have to assume that Deathstroke will see it coming. He's going to want to keep his squad in a tight formation, and he'll probably hole them up somewhere substantially far away from the dampening cells and try to go defensive on this one. That makes our primary objective to split up this team.”

“That's right, Lonnie. The first priority there is this Silver Surfer. We don't know much about him, but judging from the brief description we got, the potential here is godlike. Infinity-Man, he's got to be yours. He's probably some sort of demi-god where he comes from, and you actually ARE a god, so I expect you to at least give him enough of a fight to stalemate him until the rest of us can help to bring him down. We need you to hit him as hard and as fast as you can—remove him from whatever area they decide to hole up in immediately. Get him away from the dampening cells, too, because those may well affect you but not him. We don't need to take that chance. Just keep him fighting at all costs. As soon as the match officially starts, we'll be able to use our interface with the onboard computer to locate these guys and finalize the specific minutiae of the strategy.”

“Thank you, Lonnie. A look at the rest of the matchups: with my Green Lantern ring here, I'm the only one aside from Infinity-Man suited to tackle this Superman-type fighter, Hyperion, and since Infinity-Man's tied up, it falls to me. I will batter on Hyperion with various ring-conjured devices.”

Anarky is one of the best technologists in the DCU, and one of the best gadgeteers, even fashioning a homemade BOOM TUBE once, based on theories about Apokoliptian technology, and gaining a very limited scientific control of magic. Thus, he outlines his plan to construct numerous ultra-powered weapons to batter Hyperion with and try to corral the dangerous superhero in a given direction, which the tactically superior Anarky predicts will be a relatively simple task.

“Once I've achieved location control on Hyperion, I'll move him into a dampening cell. As we've discussed earlier, they'll almost certainly hole up as far away from the dampening cells as possible. One of the farthest spots is the guard house. It's also a likely candidate for their base because of all the armaments they'll find there for Deathstroke and Bullseye to use. Fortunately, we probably won't need much of that.

“Even though they achieve a distance from the dampening cells by locating there, we're going to set them up for a nasty surprise. Lonnie and I will spend the remainder of prep time retrofitting the nearest cell blocks to be power-dampeners, using the technology available in the current dampening cells. We'll have dozens of such cells available to use, at a close distance from their most likely hideaway, which I'll be to eventually work Hyperion into. At this point, I believe Midnighter has some words.”

“Thank you, Anarky. There is, of course, a slim possibility that our opponents will choose a different spot to hide in. Should that be the case, I will also be retrofitting five other cells, in various locations around the prison, in communication with the Anarkys, as they do their work. Aztek, Infinity-Man, you guys will be with me on that, to make sure we get the work done. That way we'll also know where the retrofitted cells are located.”

“Excellent, Midnighter. So that takes care of our two enemy big guns, Hyperion and Silver Surfer. Let's put our attention towards this Warbird now. She looks like a solid player, sort of your general, run-of-the-mill superstrength, durability, flight, and enhanced senses. She's got some level of energy manipulation and absorption as well. So this is no one to be taken lightly, but Aztek, we're fairly sure you can handle her. You outmatch her in every one of her abilities, and you're also much faster. That should be our easiest contest. It's just a battering match, and we've got the better batterer.”

“Bullseye will be for me,” says the Anarky not wearing a ring. “He is dangerous, and a worthy tactical adversary. My onboard computer will be connected to the prison's system, allowing me to utilize defensive and suppressive automated weaponry in order to keep Bullseye moving, defensive, and probably somewhat wounded. From there, I will coordinate a martial arts assault with continued pressure from automated weaponry to wear down, wound, or kill Bullseye.”

“Finally,” says the other Anarky, “Deathstroke the Terminator is for Midnighter. Both men have enhanced agility and speed, both men have augmented intellectual capacities, both men are at the top of their game, both men are supreme hand-to-hand strategists. But as smart as Deathstroke is, as good a battle planner as he is, Midnighter can plan for all possible eventualities, and while Deathstroke might not present as many successful outcomes, Midnighter will be able to find the win.”

He pauses for a moment. “I only wish I could see the fight. That's gotta be the coolest fight that'll ever happen.”

“Thank you, Lonnie,” says his counterpart, shaking his head. “We've been able to access the supplies of tech here in the prison, so we'll be outfitting you with psionic protection devices and comms tech. All of you except Infinity-Man, who will have his hands full, are expected to stay in contact as much as possible. We'll also be retreiving a set of power-dampening cuffs and collars for each of you, just in case you get in close enough and get an opportunity to use them.”

-0007, the central control room, Stryker's Island Maximum Security Penitentiary

The Authorititans wait for the starting signal. The Anarkys watch the screens around them, as well as their onboard computers, intently, waiting for blips to show up. They put the final touches on slaving the prison's computer systems to their onboard systems. The Anarky with the power ring runs through a few more computer blueprints and practices constructing them instantaneously with his ring. Midnighter pores over a schematic of the prison. Aztek does a few stretches. The seconds tick away from the clock.

200 acres away, Deathstroke looks out over the recreation yard from the guard house, which has been converted into a makeshift fortress. He hefts a heavy, high-powered rifle, loaded with heavy cartridges fitted with power-dampeners. Introspective, the darker version of Norrin Radd prepares for pitched battle. The twisted, psychopathic versions of Hyperion and Warbird, reunited again, enjoy a sadistic moment of affection. Bullseye just gets ready to fight dirty.

With acres separating them, the duo of Slade Wilson and Bullseye, and the duo of two Lonnie Machins, watch their instrumentation as the seconds fall away.

The signal goes off, and the contest begins. The control room's screens light up and in an instant, Infinity-Man is gone. A split-second later, the heavily armored brother of Darkseid rams into the shimmering form of Norrin Radd, and just as suddenly, the pair are gone, leaving only a gaping hole in the wall where the two disappeared. The sounds of violent blows echo through the empty penitentiary, and the ground shakes as the two titans go shot for shot, but Gluon's team has only moments to consider the monumental duel.

Back in the control room, the Anarkys smile under their masks. “The guard house it is,” they say in unison. Green Anarky rings up a bubble to carry Midnighter and his ringless counterpart, and he and Aztek pour on the speed through the prison until they burst onto the makeshift fortress of Gluon's team.

“Alright, Authorititans, split 'em up,” Green Anarky utters coolly into his helmet mic. With a huge blast of power ring energy, he rips open the fortress and with another, he sends Hyperion flying through a wall and follows through the ensuing carnage. Aztek sends a rapid-fire series of plasma bolts into Warbird and hurls her down a hallway, away from the fighting.

Deathstroke stands amid the remains of what had been a sturdy fortress, while Bullseye hides within. Opposite them, Midnighter swaggers across the floor of the guards' mess hall, with Anarky beside him.

“So much for a battle plan,” mutters Deathstroke.

“Eh. We didn't need the damn fortress anyway, Wilson.”

“Suppose not,” agrees Deathstroke. “You!” he calls, pointing to Midnighter. “You're mine!”

“Not really, small-time. Since I started walking across that floor, I've calculated 400 million possible outcomes to this fight. I've won this fight, and it hasn't even begun yet.”

“Big talk,” chuckles Deathstroke, and he leaps at his opponent, sword poised to strike. Scant meters away, Bullseye leaps out of the fortress, opening fire with a high-powered gun on Anarky, as the red-clad revolutionary hits the deck.

Anarky vs. Bullseye

Before Bullseye can track his weapons down to the prone frame of his opponent, Anarky sends a fistful of throwing stars flying at the gunman. Letting out a grunt of surprise and anger, Bullseye stops shooting long enough for Anarky to regain the upper hand. Lashing out with a vicious kick to the chest, he sends the superficially wounded Bullseye reeling before slamming his high-powered taser staff into Bullseye's torso.

The marksman drops to the floor, twitching only for a moment before meeting Anarky's follow-up attack with a two-footed kick that sends the young revolutionary sprawling. Lonnie lunges back, kicking Bullseye's weapon away from him and forcing him into martial combat. Fighting him off, Bullseye reaches for a handgun, but he's under too much pressure—and that's before Anarky switches on the prison's defense systems. Machine guns and energy weapons appear from beneath retractable wall and ceiling panels and open up on the villain.

“Dammit!” Bullseye snarls, knowing he's been set up. It's all he can do to stay ahead of the various weapons firing on him, much less fend off the attacks of a young, dangerous martial artist, highly skilled in every form of hand-to-hand combat. Slowly, the young fighter herds his enemy towards the nearest cell block, and Bullseye doesn't even realize it—and would be powerless to stop it if he was. Minutes later, Bullseye realizes he's just stumbled into a cell. Damning the likelihood of injury, Bullseye leaps forward—but Anarky's computer link has already slammed the superthick door shut.

“Bullseye's down,” Anarky breathes into his mic. “Anyone need help?”

Midnighter vs. Deathstroke

This isn't how a fight's supposed to go down, thinks Slade Wilson. At least not a fight that I'm in. Frantically, the mercenary known as the Terminator parries the hailstorm of blows and kicks from The Authority's resident hand-to-hand combatant, barely able to sustain his defense. His armor absorbs some of the superpowered impact, but not enough to keep him from feeling very battered and bruised. Slade hasn't had a chance to pause and assess his opponent's strengths and weaknesses and think through a strategy, and he knows that was part of Midnighter's plan. Midnighter's already thought this through millions of times, and Deathstroke's running out of options for turning this around.

Deathstroke's sword lies shattered on the ground, meters away. He is unarmed, and the Midnighter brings the punishment harder and harder with his fists, his boots, and his staff. Slade abandons strategy and endeavors to fight with complete, unpredictable abandon—but even that, the Midnighter is prepared for, and expecting. Deathstroke's every thrust his parried, his every block circumvented. After a fifteen minute fight, the mercenary drops to his hands and knees, unable to continue.

“They said you were overrated,” laughs the Midnighter. “They were right.”

With a violent kick from the dark vigilante, Slade Wilson's head explodes.

“Deathstroke is down,” Midnighter says into his headset.

Aztek vs. Warbird

Another punch from the Q Society's chosen champion of Quetzalcoatl connects with Warbird's jaw, sending her flying through a wall, out into the recreation yard. Plasma beams lance into her, searing her flesh. He is her superior in every power, and boasts superspeed to boot. She's losing this fight badly.

“Damn you!” she howls, leaping back up and slamming into Aztek. The unfazed hero manifests an entrapment net of pure energy around Warbird, binding her tightly. Enraged, the psychopathic Carol Danvers tears through the bonds and flies hard at Aztek. The sight of a deranged airborne superwoman bearing down on oneself might send many people into a panic, or at least anxiety. Not Aztek. He simply goes intangible, and Warbird face-plants into a wall, badly damaging it. Warbird gets up, dazed, looking for Aztek. He's nowhere to be seen.

She trusts to her enhanced sense to tell her where WHAM a violent blow connects with her face and she tastes blood in her WHAM another punch shatters her nose THUD a kick to the gut knocks the wind out of her WHAM-KRAKK her left arm snaps WHAM-KRAKK-AKK both her legs break...and Carol Danvers drops to the ground, screaming in pain, unable to even clutch at her wounds. Aztek becomes visible again, and slowly strides toward her prone form.

He never sees it coming. Summoning every ounce of her strength, Warbird flies directly at him and bashes his face with her good arm. Barely maintaining a hover, oozing blood, her bones hanging at awkward, disturbing angles, she pauses to gain an iota of composure as Aztek gets back up from the force of the blow.

He didn't want to have to hit her again. But he does. Calling on his superspeed, he races directly at her and batters her brutally about the torso and head, quickly pushing her in the direction of the wall she damaged moments earlier. With one final blow, he sends the already-unconscious Warbird through the already compromised wall, into a cell. It's not a dampening cell, and it doesn't need to be. Warbird's arms, legs, and ribs are shattered. Her face is a mess. She's unconscious. She won't be waking up from this anytime soon, and she'll be in no condition to do anything if she does.

Almost simultaneously, the voices of Anarky and Midnighter come crackling into Aztek's headset, reporting that Bullseye and Deathstroke are out of the game. Aztek indicates his own victory as well.

“This is going damned well,” comes Anarky's response. “But my green counterpart isn't doing as swimmingly, I'm afraid. They're fighting in cell block J. Let's regroup at whatever's left of the guard house, plot up some strategy, and make our way over there.”

Green Anarky vs. Hyperion

Three cell blocks have been wrecked by the battle between Green Anarky and Hyperion. The area is charred and smoking, the evidence of the countless heavy-duty armaments Anarky has ringed up, and Hyperion has battered to bits. The misanthropic superhuman has sustained damage, but nothing to be particularly concerned about. Anarky, on the other hand, is on the ropes. His defensive forcefield hasn't failed him yet, but it's cracking, and the sheer impact of crashing through walls is taking its toll on his armor and his body.

Just a little longer, he reminds himself. He lets Hyperion rush him yet again before unleashing one of his heaviest-duty blasts of the battle, sending Hyperion sailing backwards twenty meters. No more of this fancy technology ****, Anarky has decided. It's brute force now. That's all that's needed to bring this fight to its conclusion.

The blast damaged Hyperion more than any other blow he's taken in the fight, and the blood is in his eyes. Anarky barely has time to brace himself before Hyperion slams into him and takes him almost all the way back to the guard mess hall. Doing battle in the scant remains of the cell block bordering the mess hall, Anarky is careful to keep himself and Hyperion out of damaging distance of one corner of the block. Not yet. Not yet.

Anarky's forcefield is damn close to failing now. This fight needs to be over. He lets his guard down and takes a punch that could shatter the prison. The impact sends him careening into one of the few remaining cells, and the entire thing collapses in on him. The forcefield holds. Beneath the rubble, Green Anarky still plots.

Hyperion stalks furiously toward the rubble, intent on finishing off his opponent. And then, behind him, he hears the familiar, taunting voice of Anarky, calling out at him from afar.

“Where you headed, big boy?”

He whirls, snarling, to see his opponent standing in the opposite corner of the cell block. The remains of ruined cells and facilities obstruct the distance between them. The ceiling is gone, and the light of day shines down hard.

“What?” Hyperion screams in fury and confusion. He leaps across the distance, hurtling into Anarky—and passing directly through him. Under the rubble pile, Anarky's onboard computer switches off the holographic projection and turns on the power dampeners. Hyperion has barely entered the cell before his powers dissipate and he drops to the floor. Frantically, he scrambles for the doorway—but it slams shut.

Anarky, Midnighter, and Aztek arrive on the scene.

“Status, Lonnie?”

“Hyperion's down, Lonnie.”

Infinity-Man vs. Silver Surfer

Roughly one-half of the prison is gone. Large swaths are decimated by physical force. Other areas are twisted and warped by energy and matter manipulation. Two titanic combatants struggle to rise to their feet. Norrin Radd slumps as he stands, looking in vain for his ruined board. Drax, heroic brother of Darkseid, looks up from on his hands and knees.

Both know that they are all that stands between their teams and defeat. Against Infinity-Man, the rest of Gluon's team would have a slim chance to survive, and the other four Authorititans would have an even slimmer one against Silver Surfer. The rest of the fighting is inconsequential. The battle between Gluon's squad and the Authorititans will be decided here.

Surfer lobs an energy blast at Infinity-Man and the New God sends it flying back at him. Surfer barely sidesteps it, stumbling amid the rubble a bit.

Infinity-Man finally gets the chance he needs. With the Surfer momentarily proccupied and unawares, Infinity-Man seizes the opportunity and summons forth his last effort: Infinity-Beams. They slam into the Surfer, leeching all remaning energy from him. Norrin Radd stiffens for a second, and then slumps to the ground.

The combat is ended. Drax, brother of Darkseid, collapses into the rubble. His mission is accomplished. The threat to his team is extinguished. The life rapidly drains from the body of Infinity-Man, as the final bell sounds the end of combat. The Authorititans win the fight, but it has not been easy.

Authorititans 4, Gluon 0.
Anarky vs. Bullseye: Anarky has the benefit of a high level of martial arts skill and the entirety of the prison's defensive and suppressive automated arsenal slaved to his computer against a guy who's basically just a durable sharpshooter. It's only a matter of time before Anarky maneuvers him into the position where he wants him.

Midnighter vs. Deathstroke: However intelligent and skilled Deathstroke might be, he doesn't have a chance against a guy who can predict and plan out even the most banal minutiae of a fight. Furthermore, Deathstroke just isn't durable to withstand the punishment that the slightly superpowered Midnighter can deal out.

Aztek vs. Warbird: As I note several times, Aztek has every superpower that Warbird does, but better, and he also has superior speed. His energy manipulation, is far superior to hers, and he is meticulously skilled in the use of it. This really is a walk in the park for him.

Green Anarky vs. Hyperion: Hyperion is going to fall to superior intelligence here. Anarky lets him think he's winning the fight by taking a huge beating for awhile, but eventually, Anarky gets him into perfect position. Using one of his proven-effective holographic projections of himself, he lures Hyperion straight into the power-dampening cell he's prepared for him, and Hyperion's locked away.

Infinity-Man vs. Silver Surfer: This fight goes similar to the way the original Superman-Doomsday fight went. These are two guys who simply cannot overcome one another. Finally, Infinity-Man ensures a stalemate by expending the last of himself on infinity-beams to sap the remaining energy from the herald of Galactus, and the two titans fall still.
I shall post as soon as time allows it, which will hopefully be tonight. I'll be away for the weekend so unfortunately I won't be here for the debate. Not that there's anything about my strategy to debate.I assure you it's brillant and foolproof! :)
Prep-time for mah little squadron o' peoplez.

Nothing fancy, maybe later, but for now, I'm kind of busy, so you get what you get.

Initially, the team ISN'T going to want to work together past Warbird and Hyperion, given a former relationship. The Silver Surfer most definitely won't, and probably WILL start a fight with Hyperion, who's a power hungry shark. Warbird will tell the Surfer, who's probably explained forty times, that they will help him, as a lie of course, if he helps them first, and of course, then he'll agree. Slade is in, due to circumstance, and Bullseye just loves to kill. Simple as that.

Hyperion and Warbird devise the strategy alongside Slade. The Surfer KNOWS where they are, his senses are just that good, and the strategy is as follows. Hit hard, and hit fast. The team isn't exactly a team all about fighting, it's a team that's all about killing. And given that only THREE of the members are heavy hitters that really don't care about one another, you have a team that isn't afraid to kill their own, and this will happen. Of course, Slade breaks rank, and does his solo thing. The first phase of the plan is to take out the small guys for two reasons. Given that they have people with very specialized talents, but aren't huge on the power scale, gives the idea that maybe the other team will have certain members like this as well, and the more scaled down they are, the less general they become. Slade, along with Warbird, given their military backgrounds, also have another reason. Superior numbers. Simply put, the more members you have on the field over your team make this better.

It's suggested by Bullseye, given he KNOWS the Surfer is powerful, and doesn't know Hyperion, and Ms. Marvel as well, that the Surfer is the foreman, being the most powerful. Hyperion, of course, is not happy with the outcome, but is reassured that the Surfer doesn't plan on sticking around, and Hyperion will claim victory, calming Hyperion down.

The plan is simple, seek and destroy. But in a reverse fashion. Seek out things pertaining to the others, so that this team has an easier selection of victims. The Surfer, once again, is the best man for the job. He can detect regular humans, super humans, even a being easily up inside his power level. So back to the play.

The instructions are Bullseye goes last, Slade follows slowly, and stays as backup far enough away through his firearms.

The Surfer goes first, destructively, as a massive wave of energy. The target? Anarky, as electricity seems to be centered around him, and flows through the building, he's most likely trying to interact with the environment. Speed is his ally, walls are nothing to him, and if Bullseye and Slade die, who cares? Luckily, walls do not collapse, just yet, and the Surfer rushes like a madman at his target, like a sun white destructive wave. Warbird has a secondary target at the other human. Selected for her unique talents, she was the second best for interception, while Hyperion has the grateful job intercepting the last three targets, and hopes he lives.

Easily, the Surfer, with a rush and power, just annihilates poor Anarky, and Warbird, with her extreme speed and strength, tears through Midnighter in the same fashion blazing in her own energetic fury. Hyperion doesn't make it so lucky like, and Aztek fires a plasma bolt and Infinity Man immediately engages him after with a punch, knocking him back easily. All is fine, as he's not quite dead, but hurt, and Warbird and the Surfer join the fray. Immediately, the Surfer takes an immediate liking to Infinity Man, and reams into him with his razor sharp board, though doing no damage, and Warbird to Aztek, seeing him spurt out a plasma bolt before, and knowing he was the best target, leaving the ringed Anarky to Hyperion. Bullseye knew the cue. The one with the GREATEST amount of weakness was easily Hyperion, with his total lack of versatility, and was instructed to work together WITH Hyperion, but to maintain support to the others.. Of course, Slade saw the ring, and immediately knew what it was, so he began to make HIS own move.

Firstly, let's go with Warbird and Aztek.

Aztek will try and keep distance with the upcoming Warbird with his plasma bolts, which will only see her doing the whole quick step bob and weave from her old Air Force Days (Keep in mind, she was able to successfully avoid incoming missles and bullets perfectly over a broad range, so single or double bolts for her is nothing), forcing her energy "aura" to come up again, and she begins to punch. She's not THAT strong in comparison, but it's not what she's after, she dives away again, forcing Aztek to the chase. Of course, this results in Aztek using more and more energy to hit her, and this is exactly what she wants, as the more energy he expends, the closer it comes to his "surface", even if it doesn't run out. Eventually, this will culminate in him trying something wide, and powerful, to try and at least knock her down so he could use his superior strength, as her superior flying skills seem to keep her just out of reach, and this is where she shines, because as that energy comes into contact, it doesn't splash, it doesn't burn, it gets absorbed, empowering Warbird to a WHOLE new level. While it's definitely not enough to reach her Surfer levels of power, it's definitely put her back on the bar as a contender, and she rams into the suprised Aztek, using that speed of the attack to shove him back, and begin a pounding that really isn't that substantial. She pulls back, moves in, dives around, slams again. She's an aerial acrobat, and one of the best. Aztek is fast, and strong, and Warbird definitely knows this. The weakpoint is obvious. A quick underdive to behind, hands over the helmet, and the helmet comes right off. Of course, this is where Aztek likes his invisibility, and Warbird is losing a little gusto, as power boosts are indeed temporary, but this isn't TOO much a problem for Warbird, as this battle hardened veteran knows about pure intuitive fighting, and one power that seems to be forgotten all the time. Her limited precognative sensory powers. It has to be almost on top of her, but she can still use it. Aztek will attack from behind, and Warbird will expect it, being that this is a common tactic by invisible foes. She doesn't really want to give him the chance. She gives the verbal call to Bullseye, who throws a plastic ball with extreme precision to her, which she punches, releasing a dark gas that fills up the area immediately around her, then disperses it quickly with an omnidirectional blast, letting it roll off of Anarky, which she now spots, and slams into him again. This Warbird isn't a fighter, she's relentless, she doesn't like to fight and play, she likes to kill and finish things, and this is exactly where it goes, because Warbird is going to need just a little more power, and Anarky, whether he wants to or not, is going to be subject to one more spin around, grabbed by the face in the front, lose some more energy, and Warbird, not caring to fight fair, WILL gouge his eyes out, releasing a full load of photonic energy deep into his skull, scrambling the brain.

One down.

Hyperion vs. Ring Anarky

Anarky is smart, he knows to lull Hyperion into a sense of comfort by letting him lay into him, and strike when the time is best, even with the collateral the Surfer/Infinity fight is bringing in from awesome power in collission. Hyperion, while no Superman, is definitely no slouch in the strength department, though probably not strong enough to really damage the ring's defenses. Of course, Anarky is going to get tired of this little fun spat, and slam Hyperion back with a beam of energy as Slade runs to Hyperion, saying something, the beam doe so happen to overilluminate Bullseye, who pulls a ****ty move, and tries the gas thing again. Of course, this sort of suprises Anarky, but not really all THAT much. What does suprise him, however, is what emerges from the smoke rather quickly, and that's a Deathstroke riding on the back of Hyperion. This is an old trick, but it seemed to work once before, and it just might work again. He clutches his hand over the ring, and tries to fight for dominance. Of course, Anarky, despite having not nearly as much training as Slade in terms of will and focus, isn't exactly a pushover. But it doesn't NEED to be a total domination. It needs to be a struggle. Of course, Anarky would try a gadget, but that would have to wait, as Warbird, freshly done with her fight, if not wary, and short of breath, comes to grapple with his free hand. Granted, she's not all that strong, having expended all her excess energy to stop Aztek, but provides one more distraction. And that's all the cheap shot taking Hyperion needs. Slade deducts most of the energy from the conflicting ring, Warbird takes up more as Anarky is split between tasks, and Hyperion is just standing there mostly, until, of course, eyes blazing mad with energy, he just decides to put a fist through Anarky, ending that threat.

Another down, and one to go.

The Surfer/Infinity battle isn't exactly going as they would happen to like. The Surfer shows some cracking, but Infinity Man isn't exactly doing much better. The Surfer obviously has been trying to, in vain, physically kill him. There are other methods available, but if he kills his teammates, there is nobody to help him, so using the Power Cosmic to overload the poor guy's brain isn't an option, as the backlash might accidentally consume the planet as well. Hyperion is first to the charge, punching a superior Infinity Man, which just merits a swat, and flying Hyperion, as the Surfer begins to lay into Infinity Man again, locking into rewardless struggle. Warbird would try to siphon energy, but she gets very little, and is so tired from the other fights, that this isn't exactly helpful. But it IS providing distraction, what little it's doing, and how useless it is to being so powerful. Both have tried matter manipulation on each other, and neither seems to really be affected, as both can manipulate. Energy manipluation and absorption is the same. It's pointless when both command so much power. And even though the Surfer IS better in the energy field with just basic absorption, the Infinity beams prove to be a sapping foe, as it makes the Surfer more and more tired.

Eventually, the Surfer is going to come to understand this is a fight he can't win like this, and is left with his only choice, and that is utter annihilation. Damn his teammates, damn this planet, damn EVERYTHING. The Surfer will no longer care, and as Hyperion and Warbird try to help again, Norrin flies back, charges up, and unleashes his ultimate fury.

Not an explosion, a destruction of space and time. A singularity so powerful and large, that only the most powerful can survive it's dimensional warping ability. Invulnerable or not, only those who are in tune with the universe seem to be able to escape it, and with zero time to respond, the only person to escape the solar system before everybody in it is decimated, is the only one who, by a long shot, is faster than light speed. The Surfer, miffed that he won't be getting help, doesn't care, he still needs to go kill Galactus in revenge anyhow.

Warbird - Is known for her superhuman strength and durability, but is often forgotten as a very skilled aviator, and energy manipulator, up to the point of cosmic power once more. However, this effect DOES seem to drain her, as the strain of keeping this power does bore down on her.

Hyperion - Lucky to have survived at all prior to the end, he's simply just a strong man with heavy durability. His atomic eye beams are pretty useless here to anybody but as a distraction. A murder machine, he doesn't stop until he himself is dead, or shunted to another dimension.

Bullseye - Given with some of Slade's gear, gas bombs are his best friend. He didn't exactly get to kill, but helping kill is the next best thing. Uncanny throw speed and aim make him perfect cover.

Slade - While he was originally some sort of long range support, quickly saw the GL ring, and knew how to fight it. Helping Hyperion as he was blasted back, rode through the smoke cloud Bullseye actually helped with, he was able to use his will to fight.

Silver Surfer - A cold, bloodthirty meglomaniac, who doomed worlds to try and save his own, killing nearly the entire Shi'ar guard with ease, and battling a ******ed Galactus almost to death. He cares not for victims, because, in the end, he's only in it for Zenn La, screw the rest. If a black hole is what he needs, a black hole is what he gives.
Um...aren't ubers supposed to not attack regs unless there's no one else for them to attack?
I dunno, I did make the statement I didn't get around to the rules. I just used tactics pertaining to the characters themselves.
That is correct. The opposing ubers should be neutralized first.
That's lame. That totally detracts from a tactical assault. Why ask for a tactical write up if you don't want one?
I'll respond to the overview to keep this shorter, taking the writeup into account.

Warbird - Is known for her superhuman strength and durability, but is often forgotten as a very skilled aviator, and energy manipulator, up to the point of cosmic power once more. However, this effect DOES seem to drain her, as the strain of keeping this power does bore down on her.
The problem with your reasoning here is that Aztek outpowers Warbird in every department, and he is SUBSTANTIALLY faster than her. Superior aviation ability really doesn't come into play because he's just too quick. Precog doesn't come into play because she won't react fast enough. The bottom line is that she's just outmatched, and really her only chance is by getting Bullseye's help--which won't happen, because he's tied up with the regs that your ubers aren't allowed to touch yet.

Mistress Gluon said:
Hyperion - Lucky to have survived at all prior to the end, he's simply just a strong man with heavy durability. His atomic eye beams are pretty useless here to anybody but as a distraction. A murder machine, he doesn't stop until he himself is dead, or shunted to another dimension.
Or until he's locked up, neutralized, and forgotten. Again, his best chance here is to beat Green Anarky down, or to get help from Deathstroke. And Deathstroke has to have his hands full.

Mistress Gluon said:
Bullseye - Given with some of Slade's gear, gas bombs are his best friend. He didn't exactly get to kill, but helping kill is the next best thing. Uncanny throw speed and aim make him perfect cover.
This is probably the fight my guy stands the biggest chance of losing. Bullseye on Anarky is going to depend on Anarky's superintelligence, and even then it's a tough fight. But if Anarky goes down, Midnighter can easily deal with the pair of your regs regardless.

Mistress Gluon said:
Slade - While he was originally some sort of long range support, quickly saw the GL ring, and knew how to fight it. Helping Hyperion as he was blasted back, rode through the smoke cloud Bullseye actually helped with, he was able to use his will to fight.
Once again, he's just got to be fighting the regs, and I think Midnighter's all over him on that.

Mistress Gluon said:
Silver Surfer - A cold, bloodthirty meglomaniac, who doomed worlds to try and save his own, killing nearly the entire Shi'ar guard with ease, and battling a ******ed Galactus almost to death. He cares not for victims, because, in the end, he's only in it for Zenn La, screw the rest. If a black hole is what he needs, a black hole is what he gives.
Surfer needs a little time to work up the chutzpah to destroy the universe or whatever it is. Infinity-Man just won't give him that opportunity. Surfer tries to catch a breather and Infinity-Man will knock his ass right back down to ground.

A word on the Infinity-Beams: they're not to be taken lightly. When they're employed, they suck ALL energy from a being. They are not used lightly, and they are not something that can be shrugged off. When Infinity-Man gets an opening to use them, the fight's over, but he probably won't end up in much better shape, given the extreme fatigue inherent at this point in a fight. The thing is, BOTH of our writeups give Infinity-Man that opportunity. In mine, Surfer is briefly off-balance due to fatigue, and in yours, Surfer "flies back [and] charges up," which is all the opening Infinity-Man needs. Surfer's down.
That's lame. That totally detracts from a tactical assault. Why ask for a tactical write up if you don't want one?
Because it makes regs useless. Honestly, I could have Infinity-Man go around and do the exact same thing to your two regs, and suddenly we're both down to three team members. At that point, why bother having regs at all?
Battle time!
(as far as dumb ideas go, this one takes the cake! But it's all I got right now and I'm heading out the door)

B'wana Bet?
Baron Helmut Zemo (with Moonstones)(MU)-
Ares (DU) (Bio link seems fairly suspect) .
Reed Richards (MR)
Black Swan (MR)
Lightray DM


Everbody In The Case Mare
Wonder Woman DU
Thordis MU
Byakko DM
Jaine Cutter MR
Nemesis DR

[the prison's courtyard]

Baron Zoom: And now we shall execute my brilliant plan.
Ares: No! Now we shall execute my brilliant plan!
Reed Richards: No, you are all going to listen to me because I have the IQ of 523498!
Black Swan: Idiots...
Lightray: Hey guys... do you hear something?




Uh Uh

Cicero (smoke puffs)





Uh Uh

Cicero (smoke puffs)


The girls reveal themselves

He had it coming
He had it coming
He only had himself to blame
If you'd have been there
If you'd have seen it

I betcha you would have done the same!




Uh Uh (squeezing head... THE BIG ONE!)

Cicero (smoke puffs)


[NEMESIS (Spoken)]
Singles out Reed Richards through emotion and heads for him
You know how people
have these little habits
That get you down. Like Bernie.
Bernie like to chew gum.
No, not chew. POP.
So I came home this one day
And I am really irritated, and I'm
looking for a bit of sympathy
and there's Bernie layin'
on the couch, drinkin' a beer
and chewin'. No, not chewin'.
Poppin'. So, I said to him,
I said, "you pop that
gum one more time..."
and he did.
So I took the shotgun off the wall
and I fired two warning shots...
she launches two genetic grenades
...into his head.
The genetic grenades mess up Reed Richards’ DNA. He can’t control his body and his mind is fried

He had it coming
He had it coming
He only had himself to blame

If you'd have been there
If you'd have heard it
I betcha you would
Have done the same!

[BYAKKO (Spoken)]
phases underground and heads over to Zoom’s position
I met Ezekiel Young from
Salt Lake city about two years ago
and he told me he was single
and we hit it off right away.
So, we started living together.
He'd go to work, he'd come home, I'd
fix him a drink, We'd have dinner.
And then I found out,
"Single" he told me?
Single, my ass. Not only
was he married
...oh, no, he had six wives.
One of those Mormons, you know. So that
night, when he came home, I fixed him
his drink as usual.
You know, some guys just can't hold
their arsenic.
She ghosts the moonstone gems and Zoom drops them since they become intangible, Byakko then ghosts his flesh and phases him into the ground

Hah! He had it coming
He had it coming
He took a flower
In its prime
And then he used it
And he abused it
It was a murder
But not a crime!

[THORDIS (Spoken)]
Calls upon thunder and lightining and lunges it at Ares.
Now, I'm standing in the kitchen
carvin' up the chicken for dinner,
minding my own business,
and in storms my husband Wilbur,
in a jealous rage.
"You been screwin' the milkman,"
he says. He was crazy
and he kept screamin',
"you been screwin the milkman."
And then he ran into my knife.
He ran into my knife ten times.."
she throws lightning ten times…

If you'd have been there
If you'd have seen it
I betcha you would have done the same!

Jaine Cutter attacks Black Swan who can’t seem to get past the demon skin. It protects Cutter from his psychic abilities since it's a magical shield. He resorts to pleading for his life…
[BLACK SWAN (Spoken)]
Mit keresek, én itt? Azt mondják,
hogy a híres lakem lefogta a férjemet én meg
lecsaptam a fejét. De nem igaz, én ártatlan
vagyok. Nem tudom miért mondja
Uncle Sam, hogy én tettem. Probáltam
a rendõrségen megmagyarázni de nem értették meg...

[THORDIS (Spoken)]
Yeah, but did you do it?

UH UH, not guilty!
After losing to much blood, she passes out

She and Thordis attack Ares
My sister, Veronica and
I had this double act
and my husband, Charlie,
traveled around with us.
Now, for the last number in
our act, we did 20 acrobatic tricks
one two three four,five...splits, spread eagles,
back flips,flip flops,
one right after the other.
Well, this one night we were in the hotel Cicero,
the three of us,
boozin' and
havin' a few laughs
when we run out of ice.
So I went out to get some.
I come back, open the door
and there's Veronica and
Charlie doing Number Seventeen-
the spread eagle.

Well, I was in such a state of shock,
I completely blacked out.I can't remember a thing.
It wasn't until later,
when I was washing the blood off my hands
I even knew they were dead.

They had it coming
They had it coming
They had it coming all along
I didn't do it
But if I'd done it
How could you tell me that I was wrong?
Wonder Woman holds Ares down with the lasso while Thordis uses her hammer, the only weapon they have capable of taking down a god and they wither him down.

They had it coming
They had it coming
They had it coming
They had it coming
They had it coming
They took a flower
All along
In its prime
I didn't do it
And then they used it
But if I'd done it
And they abused it
How could you tell me
It was a murder
That I was wrong?
But not a crime!

Lightray approaches. He seeks to resolve this amicably.
I loved Alvin Lipschitz
more than I can possibly say.
He was a real artistic guy...
sensitive... a painter.
Jaine Cutter is having none of it
He was always trying
to find himself.
He'd go out every night
looking for himself
and on the way
he found Ruth,
Rosemary and Irving.
I guess you can say we broke
up because of artistic differences.
He saw himself as alive
and I saw him dead.
Byakko grabs lightray by the ankles through the ground, she ghosts him into it and delivers him into the Dr Light’s cell, where his light manipulation powers are neutralized. She also disrupted his motherbox.

He had it coming
He only had
To blame.
If you'd have been there
If you'd have seen it
I betcha
You would
Have done
The same!




Uh Uh (squeezing necklace)

Cicero (smoke puffs)

I prefer Les Miserables to Chicago, but as long as we're on the subject, John C. Reilly's rendition of "Mr. Cellophane" is golden.
Oh, as hard as I try to acomodate you Aristotle, and yet I fail. I bow my head in shame and weep. :)
well LV your write ups get more and more...different

Everybody In The Case Mare vs. B'wana Bet?
The Authorititans vs. Mistress Gluon - due to the reg blitzing...i know you werent fully aware but its not like you only killed one you took out two characters right at the start.
I vote Case Mare over B'Wana Bet, because it really doesn't seem like B'Wana Bet is gonna show up.
The Authorititans - The reg blitzing is one thing and the other is the Warbird battle which I do not see happening. Her flight skills are not that superiour to overcome her handicap in speed.

Everybody In The Case Mare - A write up is a write up and better then a no show
The Authorititans
Everybody In The Case Mare

I'm not convinced Gluon's lower ranked characters would be able to take out all of their opponents (maybe Anarky). I think my only real problem with both writeups was how long they are. I know we don't have a rule about limits, but long writeups require a lot of time to read. And this season we're trying to shorten writeups to improve voting participation (although you couldn't tell it by this week). Ironically, these would have lone been average length writeups in previous seasons.

As for LV, she's pulling out all the stops. If we're not all careful, I sense a championship in her future. (A champion of what, I'm not sure. But certainly of something. ;))

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