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DVD burning programs

Sam Fisher

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Sep 26, 2004
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Does anyone know any good DVD burning programs that I can download for free?
dvddecrypter, dvdfabdecrypter

These are the 2 I use for copying dvd's and burning ISO's to DVD.
I'm actually looking for something that burns AVI and WMA files to DVD.
You mean like being able to watch those movies in a regular DVD player?
Edward Brock said:
You mean like being able to watch those movies in a regular DVD player?

If you use dvd decrypter & dvd shrink you can watch movies in a regular dvd player :up:
Hey anyone able to help me out here?

I recently PURCHASED a copy of The Inside Man and wanted to make a BACKUP copy for myself. But I was unable to do so using the following software.

DVD decrypter
DVD Shrink
DVD Fab Decrypter

Now while I was able to extract the files onto my PC using DVD FAB, I was unable to compress the files using DVD Shrink. If anyone can help me out, either by offering an altertantive burning solution OR other programs that would be great. Thanks.

This has happend to me on a few other movies as well. I can extract them, but I can not shrink them.

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