Early looka at the characters?

CrawlerFan said:
Call the mods again.

I PMed Dew, and my response was that IP banning could ban similar IPs. All we can do is ignore him.

So, whats the toy you guys think is the funniest?
What? It could ban similar IPS? Grr. That's just so ******ed.

And I find Ruby Quartz Armor Cyclops hilarious, what is he getting into a battle with himself or his clone or something?
Hahaha. Was that the one with the canon on his shoulder? I saw that and nearly pissed my pants.
''We have to take out Cobra, bub! Best get the Air Strike equipment!"
I also very much look foward to Beast going all Sam Fisher in X3. -rolls eyes-
I call my friends cat "Sam Fisher", because whenever Im there, he crawls on the ground, looks around corners to see us, and whenever I see him, he jumps away!
XshakeitOff said:
Yes that is My show, it is Mislabled but thats My show

Yeah, I heard of your show too....:o

I try too avoid it as much as possible.:down

Whats the name again/link....?:rolleyes:
TNC9852002 said:
Not.Funny. :mad:


grow a funny bone.:)

Anyway that guys in that show are such losers, damn 14 years and they ain't got nothing to show for it, what a waste, lol!

b.t.w, I went to peep the dudes website if you want to call it that and theres a pic of the guy next to a Batmobile, lmao!

That guys belly sticks out more than the hood of the car, lol....you guys should go there to see the potbelly batman, lol.

OK now back to the XMEN characters, they really need to make a movie with their original outfits, ever since Batman first cameout in 1989 with the black rubber suit, everybody is wearing black, what gives.:mad:

The only thing thats left out on the XMEN 3 outfits is the Harley Davidson logo.:(
The thread is not working, anyone got any pictures or infor anyway?

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