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Aug 8, 2005
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New stuff and old

Heres what he looks like without the lineart(wierd)
your coloring is really fantastic. i wish i could color half that good. i think i should go find a Photoshop for Dummies book if they make em.

those star wars are cool and i dont even like star wars really, but you make em look sweet.

if you ever run out of stuff to color, lemme know. i have a pic that i really want someone to color, even though its not comic related, but no takers yet. if you'd like to give it shot, please let me know.
Hey Ed do you have the lineart for these? I would love to take a crack at 'em.

They are both good, but I'm not a fan of the texture used in the bg of the first one.

Been back and forth on this one for a Loooong time now,,still not satisfied with the serpents...I tried some different things here,like with Dales face..Im proud of that part..
Nice work, I really like the star wars stuff. I find some of the filtered backgrounds a little distracting though, especially with the "serpent" one, it's like there's too much going on back there it takes away from the action in the foreground. IMO.
So, I'm curious. Do you make paths when you color? Take the Wolvie picture at the beginning of the thread. There is a lot of variation in that shot. It's great. I'm trying to get to that level, but my coloring isn't up to par yet. So, how do you get those sharp details without it taking forever?
Thanks for the nice words yall.
Mrh=Ive heard that before about my backgrounds.I just try to do too much with them and I think Il tone it down in the future.
Shamik=I have no idea what you mean when you say paths.But,It does take me forever to color some things like the Wolverine and Conan..Some people are much better than me and much much faster.Like Sean Callery,that guy will always say something like"Colored this on my lunch break"And I just shake my fist at the computer in jealousy!
It takes a lota time and patience to color with PSP.But mostly experience,Ive learned more from myself than from any tutorial Ive ever read online.And Im still learnin!
Im workin on another of Jeremy's pics rigt now.Il throw it in the wiked inks thread when Im done!

Lee Bermejo gets most of the credit here for those awesome inks!
that is incredible!an i really like the one with the serpents-i think they stand up well against the strong background-it has this really cool 80s comic feel
i love the look in that last pic man....awesome work.

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