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That trailer was INSANE. So, as many of us suspected, you enter the DLC via Miquella’s cocoon in Mohg’s boss room. It appears that the Land of Shadow is somewhere new (or perhaps a dreamworld) in which the entire area is covered in darkness (if you look closely, that ghostly tent that appears over the tree also appears in the sky in other shots). Miyazaki said that the new area for is the biggest that FromSoft has ever created for a DLC and is bigger than Limgrave by comparison. There are 10 new bosses to face.
Surprised there isn’t more buzz around the DLC here. I started a new playthrough recently to try things I hadn’t before (mainly Varre’s quest and the Frenzied Flame ending). I never realized that doing Varre’s quest gives you access to the Palace Approach Ledge Road rune farm super early. So if you’re new to Elden Ring and want to play most of the game on easy mode, definitely do that quest!
I just watched a ten minute free roam video of this and damn, this game feels insane. I don't think I would last for 2 hours.
I just watched a ten minute free roam video of this and damn, this game feels insane. I don't think I would last for 2 hours.

You should give it a shot. Even if Soulsbourne games aren’t your thing, Elden Ring is a lot more accessible because you can go exploring and building up your character so that you can face tougher enemies. It’s not like other games in the genre where you just slam into a brick wall of a boss and have to “git gud” and beat them if you want to keep progressing.
Well deserved. This is one the greatest games of all time. It’s pretty phenomenal that FromSoft found a way to make the Soulsbourne genre mainstream without capitulating to the calls for an “easy mode” or whatever. And not only that, but the game is a masterpiece. The gameplay is phenomenal, the lore is fascinating, the graphics are stunning and it looks next gen (even though it plays fine on older systems), and the music is some of the best in the fantasy RPG genre. And the game is just so fun to replay. If you go back a few pages in this thread, you’ll find posts by me where I talk about how I’ll never be able to beat this game. And well, I just beat it the other day for a fourth time.

I am PUMPED for the DLC next week. Onward, into the Shadow Realm!
Welcome to the Shadow realm my fellow Tarnished.

X-Men fans, did a particular enemy remind you of anyone?
Two remembrance bosses down, as well as some other mini bosses. This game is insane, and I mean that in the best way. I was watching some semi-spoilery videos about later game areas and there is some mind-blowing stuff ahead.
Any Elden Ring fans ever watch any of the Carbot Animations parody videos? They are really funny and a fun perspective on fighting some of the bosses and enemies.

They are great. My favorite is the Ruin-Strewn Precipice one with the Trololo song.

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