Sci-Fi Enemy Mine remake

Picard was mostly garbage first two season, then paltry fan-service the last. Not sure which one they are responsible for?

Enemy Mine on the other hand, is a terrific underrated movie with fantastic performances, doesn't really need a derivative remake.
Though I guess If nothing else, whatever bloated, overwrought CG spectacle and virtue signaling (delivered with the subtlety of hammer), they crank out, likely entirely missing the point, nuance and charm off the original, it might at least bring more attention to to the original.
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Yeah this really doesn't really need a remake. The original still stands up.

Used to love it as a kid.
have not seen it in years but I remember how great the leads were
Legacy sequel: Iron Eagle Reborn: Thumper Lives
If it was an actual original story Legacy sequel, about Zammis (the son of Jeriba ["Jerry"] raised by Will Davidge), now grown up, maybe caught between two worlds and people, that could actually be interesting.
Though that would actually require some creativity, aka a new original, ongoing story.
However the CG bloated, overwrought flagrant virtual-signaling remake this will likely be, does not interest me.
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I hope the enemy mine remake doesn’t have anything woke in it like an inter species relationship where one man gives birth to a child and another man raises it

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