Episode Five

Discussion in 'Marvel's Runaways' started by psylockolussus, Nov 29, 2017.

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    Kingdom - title
    December 5, 2017 - airdate

  2. Mike Murdock

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    I liked this episode a lot. It was cool Mr. Wilder's backstory and what led to where he was. The big thing is how cool it is to see everyone use their powers and talents together.

    I also like the little touches that bring the kids back towards their parents. There's a wonderful push and pull. It's easy to hate them, but they're still their parents.

    Good use of the time machine to show what's in store.

    I'm very confused by the ending, I have to say.
  3. Hello2016

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    A lot happened this episode; some good backstory exposition as well as what to look forward to.

    Comment on Life: I like the fact the show tries to find the good in some of the parents rather than just have them wear the bad guy hat. Perhaps, each of them has lost touch with how they were when they were younger? Obligations and work turned them into strangers to who they once were while the kids see their parents and are afraid of becoming like them maybe. This generational gap where parents are at one point seen as monsters in the show's case is real but yet still something to come to terms with.

    Parents: I think Chase's dad really wishes he could undo some of the things he's done in the past and seems to be having to inwardly confront what he's become especially after what he did to Destiny (fitting name) did but by this point knows it's hopeless. Interesting gesture by Nico's mom letting her keep the staff but a gesture moreso than anything knowing trust needs to be regained but unsure if this means she's capable of remorse (let alone guilt or shame)...

    Few random thoughts:
    -Jonah (surprised to see played by Julian McMahon of Niptuck fame) is not the same as David Ellerh Leslie Dean's father who passed away? Hope we learn about him and this supposed device Chase's dad invented for him.
    -Looks like Plan A was for Leslie Dean to sacrifice her own husband to preserve Jonah. Pretty despicable. No idea what Jonah has in store for everyone.
    -The kids as a team are pretty formidable with their powers. Things definitely progressed in an interesting fashion once they discovered what they could do breaking into the underground room at the Wilder residence. Things keep accelerating and the show doesn't feel episodic yet.
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    I doubt it, but I wonder whether that final scene was a tie-in to Agents of SHIELD.
  5. Dark Raven

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    Good to finally see them acting like a team and using their powers.

    I began to suspect the person lying there was Dr Doom after he showed up at the beginning. How does he get that way that he keeps needing someone to be sacrificed? Is he going to be the big bad of the series?

    Is Karolina eventually going to be able to hover off the ground and mini fly? What about becoming a lesbian? And where are her trademark flip flops?

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