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Everquest 2!


Nov 19, 2004
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Anyone here play it?
'cause I'm in the mood to do so.
It'd be fun to play with people like the mouthy,intelligent and crazy-type people I've encountered here......

lvl 18 druid (dwarf)
lvl 8 half-elf (scout)

....that is all.

p.s. I'm kind of drunk and my girlfriend's out of town........help?!?
See, you've just established yourself a liar Willheim.

You claimed your girlfriend was out of town, but by definition someone who plays Everquest cannot have a girlfriend who is offline ;)
I was just hoping to snag a few SHH-er's,so SUE me.
It's still got to be better than,"Do you have any nipple hair?"
and that guy's done allright for himself.

ex-CUUUUUuse ME!
You're 1.5 years too late, Klinsindisnisnt. :(

Everquest 2 sucks anyways.
This was my entry in the "What was the worst thread you made when you were a n00b?" thread. Heh.
I miss that girl.:( I'm going to see her at a wedding next week. :( :(
Weird, it seems more like it was 5 or 6 years ago that I stopped playing EQ2.:confused:

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