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Mar 15, 2012
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Which of Marvel alien species do you find absolutely vital to that universe? Which of them you find stupid or pointless?
How many Skrull are left after the SI anyway?
I've always wanted to see more of the Badoon..especially making them huge players in 616 marvel
Everything I heard of them after SI with the War of Kings thing was that they were largely obliterated. Still, a huge multi planet empire being down to a pop. of Earth (or whatever it was) is quite a drop but no where near extinct.
I would guess the figures to always show lower populations than there are in reality , given the shapechanging sleeper agents they spread around, in a confirmed 978 planet federation and other venues like earth, there should be a lot of them still.
I don't know if i'd say billions, millions, sure, but not billions. Annihilus did a number on them when he was using Galactis as his cool Deathstar thingy.

Oh, I like all the Marvel Aliens.

Honorable Mention to the Space Knights and them blue people with the big red fin thing on their heads. :o
Well if there prosperous on even 1 world it could easily be written as billions.
I'd say the Eternals and Celestials are pretty important. The Brood are important in the sense that they're the biggest parasitic race in the universe.

The Shi'ar are fairly vital, but also remarkably stupid.

I think the Watchers are capable of being mildly interesting, but they definitely fall under the "pointless" category.
Rigelians are the most pointless i can think of...

I don't know if I'm so down with the brood..pretty confined to x-men books and a clear alien rip. I did find the brood character from Planet Hulk cool though.

I also loved the concept behind the Valentino era GOTG race The Stark.
Although i do see the Alien rip, i think the Brood remain one of marvels most famous alien species. Maybe a re-thinking-redesign is in order to make them more authentic and less like the rip-off they are.

The Badoon are truly plain (green reptilian men) but maybe that is what gives them greater potential for future expansion, story and concept wise.

How would you feel if beta ray bill was Kymellian?
The Kymellians are pretty cool, but I've never been a follower of the power pack stuff so I'm mainly ignorant of them.

Beta Ray Bill being Korbinite is awesome...it just sounds like an awesome species...korbinite. I like the idea of him being the last of his kind..if that still is actually the case after that mini he had i think there is a chick now.
I've always thought the Inhumans deserved more recognition. They're close enough to Earth to have a major say in the way things are done.

As for overrated, that's tricky. I guess the Brood. They tend to come off as standard monsters to hit/Xenomorph rip offs. They have their moments though.
I consider Inhumans as a human offshoot, more intra terrestrial like moloids or savage land mutates.

The whole last of his kind is quite overused especially in Marvel. But the way i see it, Korbinites could be a Kymellian planetary offshoot (like dire wraiths are to skrulls). Without «sorcerers» the korbinite would have to count on technology and cybernetics in order to do what their kindred do naturally.
It is often used, especially with stories involving Big G , who makes a habit of genocide. So it kind of fits.

problem was the females looked nothing like horses.

I think you mean the korbinite women and normal korbinite form... The point anyways would be to reduce the alien list for a more cohesive corner of the universe vision. If you pull the marvel alien list you'll see a very long and repetitive list of aliens, so tying a few knots together would do wonders for story cohesion. That and exploring the various cultures on a more detailed manner.

This was the only image i could find of the female korbinite Galactus created for Bill in Godhunter...not sure if she is still around. But looks very diff than male.

This is a corbinite, the beta ray bill has undergone some radical genetic changes to become what we know.
did not know that! You've thrown my world for a loop!

what comic was that from?
Really? You didn't know that? That's like a huge part of his origin. He had himself completely rebuilt in order to become his peoples protector. He's the only one with a horse face. :o
The Kree, Srull and Shiar. All three have taken heavy losses but I don't think they are counted out yet. I do wish they would bring Lilandra back somehow, they really did a job on her, insanity and then death? Marvel seem to be decimating the cosmic area of the universe for shock value.
Part of the problem is that they always come up with yet another (shallow and underdeveloped) species with the intents to come and conquer earth... So they can keep decimating their established races till there's only the one character that actually does something in the marvel universe.
Have the Phalanx had any significant stories outside the X-men?


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