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Nov 29, 2009
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Good Universe Targets Extinction
Good Universe Films, the credits of which include the upcoming Last Vegas and Oldboy, has plans to develop an original science fiction thriller titled Extinction. The Hollywood Reporter has the news, bringing word that newcomer Spenser Cohen is providing the screenplay.

Although no plot details are currently available for Extinction, the trade notes that the script has been compared to both The Sixth Sense and Cloverfield.

Anna Halberg, David Hoberman, Todd Lieberman and Alexander Young are attached to produce.
McAvoy Considers Sci-Fi Feature “Extinction”

Garth Franklin -

Friday, September 9th 2016 12:35 pm

James McAvoy is reportedly circling the sci-fi thriller/action feature “Extinction” for Good Universe and Mandeville Films.
The story follows a man haunted by nightmares in which his wife is assaulted. He becomes a hero when Earth is invaded by an army bent on destruction.
McAvoy would play a father and chief mechanic at a factory who realizes that he is the first robot to feel human emotion, which empowers him to lead a revolution.
Brad Caleb Kane, Spenser Cohen and Eric Heisserer worked on the script while David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman are producing with a director currently being sought.
Source: Deadline
Michael Pena Seeks Sci-Fi “Extinction”

Garth Franklin -

Tuesday, January 31st 2017 6:04 pm

Michael Pena has come onboard to star in Ben Young’s science-fiction thriller “Extinction” for Mandeville Entertainment.
Spenser Cohen, Brad Caleb Kane and Eric Heisserer penned the film in which Pena will portray a man beset with a recurring dream of losing his family, followed by a brutal alien invasion of Earth.
As he fights for his life, he discovers the strength to protect his family. Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman will produce and the project is set to be sold internationally at the Berlin Film Festival shortly.
Source: Variety
Cool, he's earned a lead role.
I liked him in Antman, but I haven't seen anything else he's been in. Does he have the acting chops to lead something like this, you think?
Universal Scores Michael Pena-Led “Extinction”

Garth Franklin -

Thursday, February 16th 2017 9:37 pm
Universal Pictures has acquired the distribution rights to the Michael Pena-led sci-fi thriller “Extinction” at Good Universe and Mandeville Films.
Ben Young (“Hounds of Love”) helms the film in which Pena will play a man who has a recurring nightmare of losing his family.
When the planet is invaded by an alien force, the man discovers an unknown strength as he fights for his family’s survival.
Eric Heisserer (“Arrival”), Spenser Cohen (“Moonfall”) and Bradley Caleb Kane wrote the screenplay for the film, which will begin shooting in April. Todd Lieberman and David Hoberman will produce.
Source: Heat Vision
Lizzy Caplan is joining Michael Pena in Universal Pictures’ and Good Universe’s Extinction movie
Universal Pictures and Good Universe’s upcoming science fiction thriller Extinction has found a new star.*Variety*reports that Lizzy Caplan, who headlines Showtime‘s*Masters of Sex alongside Michael Sheen, is joining the Extinction movie cast opposite the previously announced Michael Pena. The film, which*is set to be directed by Ben Young, boasts a screenplay by Arrival‘s*Eric Heisserer*alongside*Spenser Cohen and Bradley Caleb Kane.

The Extinction movie follows Pena as*a man who has a recurring nightmare of losing his family. When the planet is invaded by an alien force, the man discovers an unknown strength as he fights for his family’s survival. Caplan will play the man’s wife.
Producing the Extinction movie are Mandeville‘s David Hoberman and Todd Lieberman alongside Anna Halberg. Also of Mandeville, Alexander Young will serve as executive producer alongside Good Universe’s Joe Drake and Nathan Kahane. Overseeing for Universal are Erik Baiers and*Mika Pryce with Erin Westerman doing so for Good Universe.
Lizzy Caplan recently*finished her work on*Masters of Sex with the series having concluded its four season run last fall. Caplan was also seen on the big screen last year in both Jon M. Chu’s*Now You See Me 2 and in Robert Zemeckis’ Allied. She’s no stranger to*sci-fi disaster, either, having starred in Matthew Reeves’ “found footage” hit, Cloverfield. She can also be seen coming up in the BBC miniseries Ill Behavior.
It's a crime that Lizzie Caplan isn't in more stuff.

No I haven't seen Master of SEX (even though I should..if you know what I mean??? :p) but Showtime is such a weird cable channel. They're like a Rated R CBS, and their shows run forever...and don't get a whole lot of buzz (besides Homeland).
Mike Colter Joins Sci-Fi Thriller “Extinction”

Garth Franklin -

Friday, April 21st 2017 8:39 pm
“Luke Cage” star Mike Colter has been added to the cast of Ben Young’s sci-fi thriller “Extinction” at Universal Pictures and Good Universe.
Eric Heisserer, Spenser Cohen and Bradley Caleb Kane penned the script in which Michael Pena plays a man who must save his family from some kind of otherworldly phenomenon.
Colter’s role in the story has not yet been revealed. He joins a cast that also includes Lizzy Caplan and Israel Broussard. Todd Lieberman & David Hoberman will produce the film which is targeting a January 26th release.
Source: Variety
Universal Pulls “Extinction” From Schedule
By Garth Franklin
Friday, November 24th 2017 8:13 pm

Universal Pictures has reportedly pulled its sci-fi thriller “Extinction” from its upcoming release schedule two months before release. The project, starring Michael Pena and Lizzy Caplan, was previously set to open on January 26th.
Eric Heisserer, Spenser Cohen and Bradley Caleb Kane penned the thriller about a man who must save and redeem himself in the eyes of his family during the midst of an alien invasion.
Ben Young, the director behind the controversial but well-reviewed Australian 1980s-set abduction drama “Hounds of Love” from earlier this year, helmed the film which was shot in Serbia in May.
No promotional materials of any kind for the film have been released as yet and no reason was given for the pulling of the film from the slate.
The January 26th date now only has the trilogy capper “The Maze Runner: The Death Cure” and the Matthew McConaughey drug drama “White Boy Rick” slated to open.
Source: Heat Vision
Something was going on behind the scenes there. This was his first leading role.
You could've just posted the YouTube link, but okay.

So... Peña is an alien too?
Bumping the thread since a new one was created
I enjoyed the film. The kids had a few cringe moments, but nothing that ruined the film for me.
I thought it was ok. My prediction was a little off. The kids annoyed me at times since they were written to just be really dumb.
A pretty solid little flick. It got much better for me after the first 20 minutes or so and not giving anything away, but once a certain reveal happens it becomes a lot more interesting and engaging IMO. It's nice seeing Pena doing more serious and dramatic roles though, but the rest of the characters are pretty weak, especially Caplan and Colter who are kind of just there. The kids also annoyed the hell out of me at times too.

I can see why this was sold to netflix instead of getting a wide cinema release. It probably would of lost money at the box office.

The kids were a bit annoying.

Lex Shrapnel was the other dad. Lex Shrapnel sounds like the name of a GI:Joe
I didn't mind it to be honest, sure, it wasn't a massive blockbuster, but it was more original and that twist was quite clever. I do wonder whether there's a chance of a sequel mind you...

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