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Jun 9, 2003
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Hey guys just want your opinions, etc....who would you say are the "fan favorite(s)" so far this season? Diggle? Felicity? Slade? Malcolm?

Thinking of doing a "fan favorite" profile type of article for
Definitely a tie between Slade and Ollie for me. Amell's really grown into the role since the show's debut and I think he's done well with the balancing out of Ollie's emotions toward his friends and family as well as his enemies. Ollie's journey has been fun to watch so far. And Slade...I mean c'mon, definition of badass.

Digg and Felicity for second and third.
Ollie's my favorite of course. But if I had to pick a supporting character, I'd go Slade, then Diggle, then Yao Fei, then Malcolm, then Felicity, then Tommy.
Manu Bennett has the most sheer presence of all the characters, and he has the added benefit of Slade Wilson's very fun storyline, so Slade's easily the best part of the show per minute of screen time. The total Arrow crew's pretty cool now that they've added Felicity.
Felicity hands down, then Diggle.

A hero (and character for that matter) is defined by who they are surrounded with. Felicity and Diggle give balance to Arrow and makes for a great dynamic.

And let's face it Felicity is hilarious.
Oh but I do like Deathstroke, like the take on him.
Hey Riotgirl,

We spoke a bit on twitter about this but character limit doesn't suit me! Like I said, I think most all the characters are well received except for Tommy, Thea, Roy and Laurel that in fairness are maybe 20% into their character development at max. Huntress, i think people like the character but a lot didn't like the actress (love her personally). Then Lance and McKenna are kinda boring, but again there is more of them to come.

I think the reason people love Ollie, is if they didn't they probably wouldn't be watching. He is the show. Almost all epic digg scenes and epic Slade scenes are epic Ollie scenes too. Everything goes through him, and fair play to the actor, if he was picked for his body and looks noone told him that. He's there to kick ass and cross names of the list. Really throwing himself into it and making a very likable character both on and off the island. Every episode he has a good bit.

Malcolm I'm starting to like more and more. Being British I always liked Barrowman, but I'm used to seeing him be really really camp (youtube Barrowman saturday night if you haven't seen it!) Was stunned to see he was the bad guy, and the more they build him up, the more he is becoming the anti-Ollie. Both had tragedies, both have a vendetta. Ollies is against the rich and Malcolm's is against the poor. If you look back at the dark archer episode and last weeks, two of the strongest of the season.

Walter!! I'm going to say him because noone else will. Another Brit. Walter and Moira both incredibly well acted by the way. But his character, I assumed was a bad guy. And I actually started to really like him. I thought walter/felicity was sweet and I really wanted him to get to the bottom of it. Bring him back!!!!

Other than that, of course I love Slade, Felicity and Diggle, they are all playing their parts fantastic, and the characters are all lovable right now but thats way too obvious :) Great show with great cast in the main. They are in safe hands with Stephen Amell it seems. Once again, good work on your site :)
And let's face it Felicity is hilarious.

Agreed, she brings the small touch of humor that makes her character lovable. She is also good with funny faces.
And I'm not even talking about the hot-nerd-girl-with-glasses effect.
Justin...WOW thanks for your post! Twitter character limit doesn't suit you :)
I love Felicity! Who doesn't?
But other faves are

Thea (I enjoy her character a lot even if most don't)
Hey guys since some of you named Diggle as a "fan favorite" I was just wondering...what makes him a "fan favorite" in your eyes? The fact he was the first to know Ollie's secret, held his own against China White in "Lone Gunmen" etc.

Thanks so much again for the responses above!
Well, Diggle is just my, sarcastic, can hold his own in a fight and looks damn good in a suit! It doesn't hurt that he also looked good out of any clothes whatsoever in that one episode...

Previous examples of this would be Wesley Wyndham-Pryce, Ianto Jones, Phil Coulson, etc.

I love him.
Thanks for the response! I appreciate it! BTW any of you have fave Diggle quotes?
I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who likes Thea. And although I didn't put down Diggle but I can see his appeal. He's the voice of reason, sarcastic and strong. I'd imagine that would appeal to many.
Hey Riot :) Haven't really been paying attention here, trying to avoid spoilers (we get it a few days later in the UK). Nice article and good choice for the first one, definetely a fan favorite.

I also.. like Thea!
Thanks Justin! I appreciate you leaving a comment :)
When I saw slade... i started yelling... "CRIXUS". Then he got that "sword". Definitely hope they don´t kill him off and that he "kills them all".
When I saw slade... i started yelling... "CRIXUS". Then he got that "sword". Definitely hope they don´t kill him off and that he "kills them all".

Yeah, Bennet is awesome. I believe i read somewhere he's been promoted to series regular for season 2.

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