Fan Film - The Question: What Can One Man Do?

D.J. Blackmar

Feb 3, 2013
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Good morning die hard comic book fans!

My name is D.J. Blackmar and I am pleased to introduce the release of a new fan film from Metachron Imaging featuring DC Comics character, "The Question". This twenty minute live action short brings fans of the original Charleston Comics back to the roots of an aggressive investigative journalist named Vic Sage and reintroduces famous characters from Hub City.

View the movie here:
The QUESTION: What Can One Man Do?

Our question to you is, would you like to see more?

We are currently seeking fan based opinions, comments, complaints and general audience feedback. Our goal is to create a full length sequel that will properly reboot the franchise and show DC comics how much rally this character has among the community. Please help us in this goal by posting your appreciation for our cause and giving us valuable suggestions on how to make this project shine! We are dedicated to bringing to the big screen a time honored icon and we want your feedback on how to make that the best experience possible!

For more information on this and other projects by Metachron Imaging, please visit the official website: Metachron Imaging

Thank you for your attention!

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