Mystery/Thriller Fargo - FX Greenlights Limited Series

Watch Jon Hamm end up being the narrator just like he was when Hawley had him in Season 2 of Legion.

Joking aside, those are some big gets right there.
Alien Fargo Shogun Update FX – Deadline

Hawley is also working on season five of Fargo, which will begin production this fall.

The latest installment of the anthology series will star Juno Temple, Jon Hamm and Jennifer Jason Leigh and will be set in 2019. It will answer two questions: When is a kidnapping not a kidnapping, and what if your wife isn’t yours?
1950-1951 | Fargo - Season 4
1979 | Fargo - Season 2
1987 | Fargo [film]
2006-2007 | Fargo - Season 1
2011 | Fargo - Season 3
2019 | Fargo - Season 5 fun.
Awesome! but also... the tumblr crowd are gonna be annoying when it airs.
Glad that production is this year and that we're getting a season set more in the present day. Also, I can see Joe Keery working in the Fargo world.
JJL and Dave Foley being a “two-some” is genius.
I still can't believe Jennifer Jason Leigh is going to be in a season of FARGO.
Just realized the only seasons I’ve watched in full are S1 and 2. Might need to catch up before the new one hits.
I need to go back and finish the last season. I don't think I even made it to episode 3.
Been watching Fargo for the first time lately. Just finished season 3. It's a good time. Always a great cast assembled for each season. 5 looks no different.

Season 2 | 1979
[Fargo] | 1987
Season 1 | 2006
Season 3 | 2010
Season 4 | 1949
I get the feeling that, at this point, we may not get a full trailer but instead, these character teases, which I'm not upset over, honestly. I'm fine either way, but also would not be surprised if we still got a full trailer before the season premiere.

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