Favorite Batmobile?

Bruce Malone

May 23, 2009
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The OG










Dark Knight

Give it up for the Bat-horse!



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89 Batmobile. Intimidating, yet still looks like it belongs on the city streets.

The Tumbler is gloriously indulgent overkill. I'd keep it as the weekend car
The '89 one because it's such a beautiful looking thing and just screams Batman. To hell with how practical it may be; that car is iconic. I really can't think of any instance in the past 23 years where I haven't seen that car in the batcave's background in a many varying comics. The '66 one is not too far behind. That car is just freaking awesome and also iconic in it's own right. The Tumbler is cool but the other 2 are just better Batmobiles to me.
89 Batmoble. That's the car I would love to drive.
Love The Tumbler. Keatonmobile and the 66mobile are awesome as well.
Agreed. All three are perfect for their era and capture the vibe. There's a quote in the Complete History of the Batmobile that says the look of the Batmobile is essential to people's memories of Batman, which I agree with.
89 Batmoble. That's the car I would love to drive.

Agreed, though if I had to pick an all time favorite Batmobile I'd go eith the Batman: TAS Batmobile.
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It's true almost all the batmobiles would be pretty bad for urban driving perhaps aside from the tumbler perhaps. There all too long and sharp turns would be extremely difficult.

Something like the batpod would probably actually be the best urban vehicle to get around in due to the ease of cutting through alley and corners...or the bat perhaps.
I'm always sadden that a similar scenario from the original script was cut out of Batman (1989).

Was there to be a scene of Batman riding a horse in the movie?

Please elaborate.... ?
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Was there to be a scene of Batman riding a horse in the movie?

Please elaborate.... ?

in the original script joker takes off with vicki after shooting bruce. he follows but not before donning a ski mask and his utility belt (which he had in a satchel bag that he used to check out the package that had the flowers in it). he contacts alfred who shows up in his car (a beetle) and he climbs in as bruce, and climbs out as batman and takes a cop's horse and chases after joker.
What about these monsters :woot:

The Smart - Bat


The Bat-Bug


The Stretched - Bat


The Golf Cart-Bat

I love when the Batmobile turns into the smaller vehicle in BR. Now that was a giant phallus lol
The tumbler shouldn't be eligible. It's not even a car but a black tank. It serves no real purpose in the movie but causing property damage and destruction. His "war on crime" what war all he did was run over police cars and destroyed anything that crossed it's path. It would've served it's purpose in TDKR b/c there was actually a war and a major threat with Bane and his army using tumblers and seiging Gotham with a nuclear bomb. Instead Batman used "The Bat" instead which served it's purpose I guess. To me the tumbler should be one of many variety of vehicles used on special occasions by Batman against major threats. Not to be driving around in the middle of Chicago calling attention to yourself when you're trying to keep a low profile. Hopefully the reboot will get to back to using cars and to something I can actually call a batmobile.
To say that the tumbler served no purpose absolutely proves that you are either delusional or didn't pay a single lick of attention to Begins.

The tumbler served a bigger purpose than any other Batmobile in the previous series. Seriously, what movie did you watch? The tumbler literally saved all of Gotham from turning into a desolate wasteland when Gordon was in the tumbler and dislogded the train rails so the train wouldn't smash into Wayne tower and activate the main reactor. If it weren't for the tumbler, all of Gotham would have been destroyed.
I don't care what you think. I don't like BB that much anyway. Therefore don't give a CRAP what purpose it served in the film.
You stated that it served no purpose. You were wrong.

How did Marlon Brando use to put it? "These are matters of undeniable fact."

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