The Dark Knight Rises Favorite Chase Scene In The Trilogy


Dec 16, 2009
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Which one is your favorite... Mine is very close between the TDK Batman/GCPD/Joker chase scene (that truck flip!) and the TDKR Batman/GCPD one (Batman's baaack!).

ETA: I'm going to vote for the TDKR Batman/GCPD one for the added emotional impact of seeing Batman again.
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"Batman/GCPD/Joker chase scene (that truck flip!)"

OoOoOoh! Gotta go with this one!
TDK's chase with the Tumbler/Bat-Pod/GCPD/Joker's truck by FAR!
For me it's close between the BB chase and the TDK chase... but I think BB gets the slight edge.
TDK's chase with the Tumbler/Bat-Pod/GCPD/Joker's truck by FAR!
Hard to disagree.

Perhaps we can have a poll about favourite fight sequence? I imagine the first Bane fight might clean up big time there.
I had to go with TDK chase. But man, I really love the first chase in TDKR.
For me BB chase is hard to top the tumbler stealing the show leaping from roof to roof and demolishing everything in its path. TDKR batman returns chse comes in second with that bat pod leap and the spinning tires trick before going into the alley and getting in the bat.
Literally all four are pretty great. I can't pick my favorite between the one in BB and the two in TDKR.

But I can say the one in TDK is the best. Much like the movie.
This is a tough choice. They were all awesome. Batman's first appearance in TDKR after 40 minutes is definitely one of the very best IMO, but my vote is going to TDK.
BB's chase scene. Seeing the tumbler doing its work for the first time, and the cops utter awe of that vehicle. :, )
Looking at all of these different posts on what was best from the movies really goes to show that Nolan and Co. did their homework. You know a good trilogy when it's hard for people to choose a scene or moment that was their absolute favorite. I just can't wait to watch all three back to back on Blu Ray this Holiday season.
TDK hands down. All the chase scenes in the trilogy were good, but the final chase scene in TDKR felt a bit rushed to me.
BB's chase scene. Seeing the tumbler doing its work for the first time, and the cops utter awe of that vehicle. :, )
I didn't like the Tumbler when I saw the first photos... but after I saw it in action in BB, I was sold!
First Tumbler scene in BB (in the streets) still takes the cake.
The chase scene in TDK is my favorite. TDKR's chase scene felt a little cut out. The BB chase scene was alright.
As much as the TDK scene is epic, I've always wanted to see a phenomenal chase scene involving the Tumbler and having the cops chase was a dream coming true. Such a brutal scene with Batman doing everything he can to get back to the batcave. Second would be the TDK chase scene, then the Batpod/cops, then The Bat/Catpod and Talia's forces.
I'm going to go against everyone here and say the final TDKR Chase. It was short but I really love The Bat and seeing it fly around Gotham was amazing
^ It may be in the minority but I was glued to the screen during that final DKR chase. Catwoman on the batpod was amazing. Batman coming from the air was great. Tumblers blasting at the bat was cool. I just loved that chase scene.

Runner up would have to be the Begins chase scene, just a personal favorite of mine.
I love them all
1. Batmobile/Bat-pod vs Joker chase -TDK
2. Batmobile vs. GPD - BB
3. The Bat and Bat-pod vs. Bane's tumbler's - TDKR
4. Bat-pod vs. GPD - TDKR
Definitely the chase in TDK. The Rises Batman Returns chase is awesome as well as BB's Tumbler chase.
I believe each chase scene has it's own 'special' quality to it. BB is just amazing and grabs you....will Batman make it back to the Batcave?? I was on the edge of my seat watching that. The Joker/GCPD/Tumbler/Batpod chase was insane with it's chaos factor. Once the Tumbler blew up and turned into the became it's own new chase scene within itself. Thought DKR chase scene with the Batpod/GCPD/Bane is short...the score to that scene made it. I was pumped up during it. The final chase scene of DKR tho however...didn't really hit me as much as the rest but it was okay.
Batman's return chase in TDKR is good. Though the instant transition to night annoys me a bit, hah.
Now I may have to see it again cause I don't really remember any details from it, but am I the only one who was wowed by the final DKR chase? The Bat was so awesome and all those explosions and Tumblers flying around and ending with that cool HEMTT crash, not to mention the Catpod! Loved that team-up, how The Bat comes back to the lower fight after it's ride in the air with the missile and all that.

Though I gotta say I would also like to vote for the Tumbler chase in BB just cause it's so Batman-y and cool, same with the Batman's return in TDKR. I like that sense theatricality and how no one could do these things but The Batman, feels like he gets a kick out of it too. :)
Dammit, I can't decide!!
The Joker chase scene was the most intense out of all of them and definitley the best edited.

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