Favorite George Miller film?


Jun 29, 2004
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Going from favorite to least-favorite, how d'you rank George Miller's films? For myself, it goes somethin' like:

1/ Happy Feet - (It's like a combination of Babe 2 and the Road Warrior, with theology and tap-dancing penguins thrown into the mix. Awesome)

2/ Mad Max: The Road Warrior - (One of the best post-apocalyptic films made; featuring Mel Gibson before the aliens got to him)

3/ Babe 2 - (A dark and complex take on the adventures of a little pig. Good 'Thunderdome' ref at the end, though)

4/ Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome - (Miller attempts to put Max in a 'messiah' light, and it goes off quite well. Also, great action sequences)

5/ Mad Max - (No real plot, but some awesome action set pieces - It was intentional, I've gathered)

6/ Lorenzo's Oil - (A great film; Nick Nolte does ham it up a bit, but that's what he does. Not an action film, but quite few of the medical science scenes are filmed with the veracity of his action set pieces. Nice.)

7/ Witches of Eastwick - (Pretty good, but too Hollywood, not enough Miller. Jack Nicholson gives a great performance, though)

So, what about yous guys?
Come on... you forgot the last segment of Twilight Zone... one of the best moments in the fantasy / horror genre. Great directing and an amazing John Lithgow.
1. Mad Max 2
2. Mad Max
3. Lorenzo's Oil

4. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome

Never seen Twilight Zone: The Movie, The Witches of Eastwick, Babe: Pig in the City, Happy Feet or the documentary 40,000 Years of Dreaming.

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome is almost like another X3 (with the exception that MMBT is somewhat watchable unlike X3) to me. Miller sold out himself to a big studio which fcked him over. Merged MM3 with another movie, hired another director etc. The first 30 mins or so are good, but the last of the film is so disappointing. You do not simply make a PG-13 sequel to R movies. A lesson Hollywood has still to learn.
Lorenzo's Oil, no contest for me.

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