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Mar 12, 2005
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Who is your favorite HUMAN superhero movie villain?

The kind of character that, without any superpowers, colourful psychosis or fantastical army of ninja warriors, but through cunning, deceit and large sums of money, manages to make the hero's life HELL.

The contenders...

MAX SHRECK (Christopher Walken, Batman Returns)

The epitome of vampiric greed and corruption, this Gotham City businessman will lie, cheat, bribe and murder to get his way. Wants to build an electrical plant that actually sucks power instead of generating it. To obtain this goal he kills his secretary and rigs a mayoral election, putting a criminal maniac up for candidate.



Mutant-hating military high-up who will turn mutantkind's greatest invention against itself. Uses immoral experiments to abuse mutant powers. Leader of a covert taskforce. Political manipulator, fascist bully, genocidal fiend.


GLENN TALBOT (Josh Lucas, Hulk)

D!ck. Military contractor who screws everyone in his path. Sees big dollar-signs in death and mayhem. Wants to destroy the Hulk, but worst of all, is part of an overly-tense emotional love-triangle.


CARMINE FALCONE (Tom Wilkinson, Batman Begins)

Powerful crime boss who controls all illegal business in Gotham. Can have anyone killed, silenced or bought. Owns judges and politicians. Acts with total impunity. Unwittingly aids nihilist warlord and deranged doctor in evil plot to destroy the city.


HARRY OSBORN (James Franco, Spider-Man 2)

Slightly spoilt, love-impaired and mostly confused young man. Girlfriend left him for his best friend, the hero killed his father and business is not looking up. His best chance at continued fame and fortune nearly blows up New York, creating a new supervillain. Strikes pact with said villain to deliver him Spidey for whatever the villain might need to complete his doomsday device. Discovers hidden family heirlooms, which lead to interesting possibilities...


WILSON FISK (Michael Clarke Duncan, Daredevil)

Posing as a philantropist entrepreneur, this Kingpin of crime wants nothing more than to enrich himself by any means possible. Has old friends murdered out of spite and to hide his fellonious identity. Hires ruthless and unintentionally funny hitman to kill the hero and his girlfriend/fellow vigilante. Strong-ass son of a b!tch.


LEX LUTHOR (Gene Hackman, Superman The Movie)

A debatable candidate, since he falls squarely in the Oldschool Megalomaniac / Mad Scientist category, but arguably the ULTIMATE human nemesis to the divine superhero. Steals nuclear weapons, carries big chunks of green glowing rock and treats his devoted staff like crap.

Falcone, Shrek, and Luthor, definitely.

Harry and Stryker were great as well, though.
That's not a pic of Luas as Talbot, by the way. I think it was taken from "Sweet Home Alabama".
Out of that list, Kingpin and Lex Luthor were great but Bryan Cox's performance as William Stryker really won me over. He was dastardly in a very real world way. Plus, Cox is just such a good actor. Looking at the results, it seems most feel that way too.
Gene Hackman set the standard and people are still trying to achieve it.
Scarecrow...he's human he just uses fear gas but if that doesnt count then Ra's Al Ghul
Sentinel_08 said:
Scarecrow...he's human he just uses fear gas but if that doesnt count then Ra's Al Ghul
Technically, they'd both Metas.
Ra's is a meta if you stretch it. Scarecrow isn't a meta. Well, he is in the comics now, but in the movie he wasn't.
Luther because he's a better counter balance to the hero. He's the polar opposite to who Superman is and what he stands for.
I loved to hate Kingpin so much. He was great.
Gene Hackman as Lex Luthor, AND John Shea as Lex Luthor. Styker was a great villain and was nice and evil, as were Fisk and Falcone. but Luthor (in both examples) was not just a villain-he was a villain that had a sense of humor and taste. Fisk was classy, but he was just plain evil. Luthor was a villain (in movies, TV, and comics) that pretty much only Superman knew was a villain, which made him an even more powerful adversary.
PyroChamber said:
What about Howard Saint?
i think he was made for the punisher movie if i understand what i'veread on these boards correctly
3dman27 said:
i think he was made for the punisher movie if i understand what i'veread on these boards correctly
So was Max Shreck.
Sentinel_08 said:
Scarecrow...he's human he just uses fear gas but if that doesnt count then Ra's Al Ghul
Like I said, I discounted the traditional "costumed psycho" and "leader of cult armies" type of villains. I realise these categories are slightly hypocritical (Stryker has an army unit under his command, Lex Luthor for instance could be considered insane and Harry Osborn will become a costumed freak), but I just wanted to make a poll where the likes of Magneto, Ra's Al Ghul, Scarecrow and by that logic the Joker, since he too is just human after all, wouldn't be featured. These are more the "mastermind behind the scenes" villains.

PyroChamber said:
What about Howard Saint?
Ah yes, I forgot about him. Oh well, just vote "other" then...
A tie between Gotham`s "own Santa Claus" Max Schreck and William Stryker from X2.

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