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Favorite Superhero Symbol


May 24, 2007
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Not just pictures decorating the suits of our heroes, they signify something, power and what that hero stands for. Here are my faves...

Spider-Man's Spider, my all time fave of the Marvel Universe's Heroes, in all it's forms, whether it's the classic or the white spider on the black symbiote, or even the large spider on The Scarlet Spider, or Ben's other suit, they all Rock! Also there's Venom's own spider that looks a bit different and still very cool. Then there's that emblem on Spidey's back, I really like the simple round red Spider, and I love the movie version on his back, it's really striking!

:spidey: :sym:

Daredevil's double D's, although not as nice as some of the Female Marvel character's double D's, is still awesome. there's just something about the DD that's just cool. :daredevil

The Fantastic Four's logo is another classic I've come to love, it's had a few different looks over the years but still remained true, and always looked good.:ff:

The X-Men's X while simple, is always cool in its different variations.
I always liked it best on Cyclops' yellow belt on his chest in the red circle, and in the rectangle belt buckle of Wolverine.

And I cannot forget the very wicked skull of the Punisher. :unishr:

When the shirts are ripped open and the symbols come out, it's always a classic and chill inspiring comic book moment.
The Nightwing symbol from the TV shows.

Multiple Man's logo is cool as hell. I need that to be a shirt yesterday.
I want a Mr. Immortal's symbol.
Why must we kill him?

Why not make him an undead zombie servant?
I like Moon Knights simple crescent it just looks nice with the rest of his suit. Captain America's suit tells you who America's greatest hero is and to have the star next to the scale mail looks awesome.
The Green Lantern Symbol. Either the one Rayner had before he became Ion or Alan Scott's.
They sell the madrox shirt at my LCS.
The Lobster Johnson claw symbol. That thing is sweet.
Doctor Doom's symbol on his flag is pretty kick ass and Doctor Strange's symbol

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