The Dark Knight Rises Favourite Bat-Vehicle in the trilogy?

The Tumbler :D would be great while driving that to work :hehe:
Without the Tumbler, there wouldn't be a Batpod. So the Tumbler :up:
It's a tie between the Tumbler and the Batpod but I'll vote for the Batpod.
Batpod without a doubt.
The Tumbler. It speeds, roars, it jumps, and it annihilates everything in front of it. Coolest batmobile ever. They are all awesome though. Love how The Bat can fly as low as possible and move between buildings, and the batpod's little turning move with the wheels is just awesome!
The Bat is the most mindblowing in terms of technical execution and 'wow' factor, but it doesn't capture the pure adrenaline fueled awesomeness of The Tumbler.

The Bat blew my socks off. But I've always loved the bat-pod since seeing it for the first time after the ejection sequence during TDK chase scene. The first appearance of Batman in TDKR and Catwoman riding her nice little tail on it has solidified it for me.
The Bat got my vote. Lots of power and an interesting design.
1) The Tumbler. Worked perfectly in BB. Though I would have preferred a more comic accurate Batmobile in the sequels.
2) The Batpod. A close second. I loved that it was the first vehicle in the Nolanverse that had "Bat" in its name.
3) The Bat. Didn't like it at all. In the third act they should have come up with something more Batman-like.
Tumbler, Hands down.
Without a doubt, the Tumbler.

Coolest design, and it comes off like an absolute monster. I never walked away from TDK or TDKR wishing I had a Batpod or The Bat, as impressive as they were.

But when the Tumbler drove over rooftops, evaded police, messed up garbage trucks, and came in on autopilot? I definitely wished I had a tumbler. Still do.
Batpod. The way it goes up walls and makes quick turns is still cool. It stole the Bat's thunder in TDKR climax for me. Pretty cool.
Love them all but their is no doubt the original vehicle The Batmobile tumbler.

Probably the tumbler. It was everything I wanted in a batmobile.

The bat-pod was fantastic for the visual of Batman riding it with his cape flapping in the wind.

The Bat is the one that would probably be the most useful and the one I'd most like to have.
At first, I wanted to vote for Tumbler. But Batpod put Catwoman on her knees, also, Batman's cape looks incredible on that.
It may not be batmans and its not a vehicle but it does vote goes to the falafel cart.

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