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Field Commander Talkman and Air Academy on PSP


Apr 3, 2006
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I was wondering if anyone else was interested in these titles?

Field Commander: I have beeng getting into some RTS slowly....my first was AVP Extinction. I got it because I loved the license and I wasn't expecting it to be so fun, and I still play it. It had a lot of room for improvement (ie building structures, using vehicals, etc) which I hoped to see in a sequel but cest la vie. I recently got Shattered Union for x box which was a lot of fun with a good political storyline and interesting 'what if' premise. This will be an interesting foray into rts on psp.

Talkman: I am interested in this as it's not your typical game/application, and I am intrigued about using this as a learning tool, even if its probably not gonna make anyone fluent in anything other than being mugged.

Air Academy: Cant rememebr if thats the actual title, but it looks cool...its a flight sim with all different kinds of planes, such as jumbo jets, and missions that also incorporate action in both WW2 planes and more current military aircraft.

It's just nice to see more people branching out beyond ports on psp.

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