Firefox OS, Mozilla begins the $25 smartphone


Dec 3, 2005
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With Firefox OS, Mozilla begins the $25 smartphone push

Mozilla has new partnerships to carry its browser-based OS to high-growth, low-cost markets like Indonesia where iOS and Android are vulnerable. Also: more power at the same price from Alcatel and ZTE, the first LTE Firefox OS phone, and a 7-inch tablet.

A Mozilla reference phone, built with Spreadtrum's processor, that ultimately will hit the market as a $25 device for customers who don't have the funds for higher-end phones.

I hope this all goes well and make people shift towards more open source tech and cause major companies like google and apple lose their appeal to the masses.
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Hmm, sounds interesting. I'm just hoping it doesn't tend towards being considered a disposable phone.
Growing availability of modern tech is great news, outside of weaponry.
Mozilla brings nothing new to the table. It's another Linux kernel derivative. Why not buy the cheap hardware and run Android? On top of which, Mozilla's software is not relevant, because their forks are better. I use Pale Moon as my default browser. It runs most Firefox add-ons, plugins and skins. It cuts out extra crap, and is developed for modern computers, so it is faster. This includes a 64 bit version. They are not "innovating Thunderbird" anymore either.

Blackberry is releasing cheap alternatives in that region too. But QNX/bb10 is more secure and runs Android apps natively. It is a microkernel operating system, which is unique. It does things monolithic kernel OS can't (Android and iOS). In other words, it brings something different to the table.
A new phone with an OS that will become a complete memory and CPU hog in no time, probably. Pass.

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